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Is science occult?

Internet and cell phones (communicating over a distance is shamanism/telepathy), music players (sorcery), cameras and videocameras (sorcery), EEG’s (mind-reading), ELF waves (mind control), and cloning (messing with fate) are occult. So, is all science is occult?


  1. No, science is progress, if you believe that, maybe you need to be Amish instead.
    That is technology, really, anyway.
    If you study like Einstein did, people would realize that true science is the answer to true faith.

  2. No. And besides, cell phones, music players, cameras, etc are not occult to begin with. Where on earth did you get that idea?

  3. Science is not part of the occult. Science has benefited people in many ways, but it has also tried to play God with Darwin which is later known as Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is rejecting Christ sacrifice which in turn sends you to hell.

  4. It depends on what you mean by occult. Occult just means secret or hidden, and it is mostly a word attached to things people cannot understand. It world make sense that some rather backwards medieval Christians might call science occult, simply because they refuse to learn anything that is not in their bible. There was a time when the occult and science mixed, and some occultists were also scientists, but that time has long since passed.

  5. No but much of it is not true science. Science is based on fact and evidence. Evolution, and much of physics is based on faith.

  6. Nope… one is explained by physical observation (test equipment required in some cases). The other is unexplainable and faith based.

  7. I think you’re confused about the meaning of the word”occult” it means,”unknown” and therefore,science can’t be considered occult because it works in a set eries of patterns that can be parsed,calculated and rendered to give the same result every time.Although there is something almost otherwordly about E=Mc2 don’t you think?

  8. Not really, since it isn’t “magic” – though by mideval thinking ti would be. As Arthur C Clarke said, “Any technology advanced enough over that of a person who observes it would be seen as magic.”

  9. Throughout history religion has perpetuated ignorance.
    They would have put Galileo to death for heresy if he hadn’t recanted for claiming that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe.
    Fortunately he was crossing his fingers when he recanted, and passed his knowedge onto the next generation.
    Now, creationists (which is all ‘intelligent design’ proponents are) work tirelessly to spread misinformation, with the sole aim of keeping people ignorant.

  10. It’s what your “motives” are in using these instruments, that can turn into “occult practices”. Are you gonna use these inanimate objects for the good of man, or for evil purposes? Jesus created SCIENCE!!!

  11. Lol! Good one! Well, I don’t think science is a occult… but then again I belong to a ‘cult’, so I guess I don’t count…
    Still laughing!


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