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is Santa Claus just "God for Beginners"?

Any child would be happy to get presents from his or her own parents. I guess it’s also sort of a cute traditional practical joke to make young kids be well behaved during December so we don’t feel like complete chumps for maxing out all our credit cards getting them the latest trendy gifts….
SO it begs the question, what purpose does the Santa Story REALLY serve? Think of the things Santa supposedly does:
1) Watches and judges our behavior,( if only from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve)
2) Rewards good behavior with material gifts (much easier for a child to appreciate than things like Rainbow Thrones, dead loved ones and Everlasting Light etc..)
3)Punishes “bad” behavior with undesirable gifts (Hell IS kind of a heavy idea to lay on a 4 year old, and arguably Coal is a foreshadowing of how bad things BURN)
4)You write letters to Santa about what you want. Kids don’t just ask Santa for gifts, either, some are even encouraged to ask for things like “Please help my sick puppy get better” and other things that older children and adults traditionally PRAY for…
5) and last, lives in a completely inaccessible geographical location ,the North Pole, with thousands of elves (the parallel between this and Heaven and the Angels isn’t too hard to see..)
So my question is, maybe THAT is the real reason the Santa Claus story is told to young children, to get them primed for the basic tenants of Christianity. More adult ideas about Christianity would either be completely misinterpreted, or dismissed otherwise except in extreme spiritual crisis.
What do you think? And yes I know Santa is not real and that adult Christians don’t believe in it as a literal story…


  1. Actually Santa Claus as we know him is the product of advertising standardization in the 1920s. His form as white and read came about in the US in the 1880s.
    Santa Claus is the corruption of Dutch SinterKlauss, St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was a 4th century bishop in what we call today Turkey.
    I prefer to think of Santa in terms of the article, Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.
    There are plenty of people (including Christians) who perspective of God is drawn from what they heard or think. The understanding of the Christian God must be understood from the totality of the sacred texts Christians claim for themselves. Those texts do not present God resembling St. Nicholas. I suppose at his best, St. Nicholas is occasionally like God, much like the rest of us, at our best are like God.

  2. God for future atheists is probably a better assessment. There have never so many atheists since the advent of Santa, anyway.

  3. Maybe in some cases. When I was growing up in a Christian home I was told that Santa Claus was NOT real. My parents thought that if my brother and I believed the stories about Santa only to later find it was a lie that it might cause us to later question the things they told us about God.

  4. NO. Santa didn’t create the Earth or you and I. There’s a reason why the letters in “Santa” can be rearranged to spell “Satan”. Santa is offered up as a “false Christ”. Santa also operates by “works”, not “faith”. In Santa’s world, you have to be “good” to get something. If you’re “bad”, you don’t get anything.
    Christ doesn’t work that way. We are ALL on the naughty list! So none of us deserve to go to Heaven. Christ paid the penalty for us, so that we may enter Heaven if we choose to accept Him.
    As long as the Earth, the Universe, and our bodies exist, there will ALWAYS be a good reason to believe in God. There is no possible way that any of those could come about by random accidents or even by trial-and-error. We are intelligently designed.


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