Sunday, September 26, 2021

Is Rose Quartz valuable? If So how much is it worth?

I found a piece of rose quartz a couple of days ago on the ground. I want to know how much someone would pay for it. I would also like to know who would buy a piece of rose quartz about the size of 2 dice.


  1. It is a semi precious stone and is not hard to come by one can buy a piece in the crystal shop about the size of a cup cake for about £1.50.

  2. Not at all, It’s actually very cheap. A polished piece of rose quartz say about an inch long by half an inch thick would retail for about $2.00.

  3. It’s really pretty, but totally useless!! We call it Pecos Valley Diamonds! We can walk around the Pecos River and pick them up in any size from about .25 carat diamond size on up to about baseball size.

  4. it is but to a sense if it is cut, but other people will buy due to spiritual presence with the meaning of cleansing of one soul of evilness and making a better aura around you soooooo… yea that’s about it

  5. Rose quartz are very pretty and you CAN use them for things like jewelry, ornaments, statues, etc.) But, I am looking for prices too. I have to write a paper on them. Good luck! 🙂

  6. one of you is half right, the rest need to go to school, because your all ignorant. Something, anything is ALWAYS worth what you can sell it for. Remember, the people where rose quartz is plentiful, of course think its worthless, because they are tripping over it. However, u dumb kids, on the other side of the world, they have never seen any, and might give you a bowl of rice for your stone. Now if you were starving and hag not eaten, which you wouldn’t know about, that bowl of rice would be worth THOUSANDS! you all ponder on that, I shall return someday, goodbye

  7. I have a pice of rose quartz, its about 1 inch long and slants down to about half an inch thick, and I too would like to know how much it is worth.

  8. if you sell rose quartz then it depends on who you sell it to, i’m a spiritual person, so I would pay quite a bit of money for that, but if you sell it to someone else then it would be a lower price.

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