Home Discussion Forum Is remote viewing any different from astral traveling while you're awake?

Is remote viewing any different from astral traveling while you're awake?

Somebody just gave an answer that made me wonder about this. Thanks, “somebody”. lol
PD..I don’t have to guess with you..Samo Samo…neither exist (to you).lol
Rhiann..That’s what I was looking for..an experience like that . Thanks..and thanks for the heart. I can’t remember how to find them.
Oops..I put this edit on the wrong question. lol Sorry.


  1. Those two phenomena have a great deal in common. Care to make any guesses as to what those things might be?
    EDIT: Denie, my belief is based on available evidence.

  2. the Travel in astral travel says it all. One is traveling.
    remote view deals with a target. be it a location, an object, etc. remove viewing has direction, astral travel has not target, one just wanders.

  3. Ive never looked into remote viewing, but i think Gaia has it well put…one has a target, and is trained for, the other is just wandering on the astral plain, with no training involved, well you can also train yourself to astral….. Remote viewing from what ive read, is more to spy on a subject, astral is more spiritual…..

  4. Remote viewing you have visions of different places like the inside of a top secret us military base or viewing the inside of a alien base under the sea.With remote viewing having a photo of some place or a map of some area really helps to home in on a peticular location.Being a remote viewer with google earth is really exciting now.I can look anywhere now


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