Is religion unfair?





Now, don’t get me wrong…it is a lovely concept, and I do consider myself a spiritual person…but I find it hard to completely live my life in the “fog” of faith. Is religion slanted towards people who aren’t inquisitive? I mean, that is the concept of faith–to accept, without question or a shred of doubt the religion of your choosing…based on a book written a long, long time ago.
Basically, I am a VERY inquisitive person by nature, and always seek to find TRUTH, not TRUTH because “it says so”. The original sin, per the Bible is basically due to Eve’s inquisitive nature…so seeking truth is bad?! Is it better just to mindlessly believe and not try to find out more? If that is true, why did God give us brains and the ability to reason? Just to test us? To prove ourselves? It makes God seem like he has ego–which isn’t how I see God. I seem as love. I guess I just think that God is too big, and to incomprehensible to be imprisoned between the “walls” of one book.
I see what you are saying Spanky…but I see truth and fault in lots of different things. I can’t, at this point, find one that completely suits my belief system…but I do find things I like at the same time…I love Jesus’ teachings and Proverbs—there is wisdom in that, and I can appreciate it. But other parts don’t really match how I feel.
One–I’m spiritual in that I do believe in a higher power, I just think he can’t be “defined” so unforgivingly. I see him as love…I saw him today in the mother’s face as I handed her newborn baby to her, I see him in a sunset, I see him in a piece of knowledge/wisdom that I discover, I see him in forgiveness, I hear him in a good laugh. He’s just “good”…not vengeful, wrathful, unforgiving, unwavering…it seems an insult to the nature of God. Sorry if I got a bit cheesy here, it is just hard for me to put into words, I guess…


  1. Yes, I agree with you. It seems that all of the religions need strong faith to accept. I don’t understand why certain people can easily have faith by just listening to Gospel. They just totally accept without questioning what is stated in the Bible. The story about Adam & Eve forbidden from eating the fruit of tree of knowledge proves that Christinity wants only innocent, obedience followers. We cannot reason or doubt our creator. In conclusion, only people with strong faith can choose Christinity.

  2. i totally agree with Aung S!!! if u consider urself to be spiritual… then y not trusting spirituality??? spiritual people knows that god is only a form of energy, which is everywhere, u only need to invoke it.. it can b in a rock, in a paper… anywhere u want it 2 be… u only need to have faith that such an energy exist in the atmosphere. people created religion to divide us… but thrz only one great power that everyone invokes in diferent ways.. i dont trust any sacred book, i mean bhagvad gita, quran or bible…u just have to believe in urself.. the energy will be in u.. there won’t be luckiest persons than u. u shud never have doubt in wat ur doing. GOD is ENERGY… which u can consider as positive vibrations. good actions will bring u to good reactions. the energy which u call god, never expect anything fom u. u do good thing u will see good thing coming in ur path, if it is the contrary so…. u r the creator of ur destiny!!! hope u understnd wat i mean

  3. You should learn Buddhism deeply. But unfortunately it’s not like a small book like Bible.
    Human created GOD. But God doesn’t exist.

  4. As far as “religion” goes – yes, its very unfair. Why? Because religions are created by people in order to formalize rituals and worship of a group’s chosen god.
    But the problem is the idea of faith. The way it is taught in Christianity is that one has to except, without question, what is taught. Basically, take in everything blindly, trusting in those who teach.
    But scripture doesn’t teach this. Most people come under two headings – either they don’t read at all, or they do read but don’t completely understand. The Chrstian leadership knows this. Though they plead with people to read, they know people won’t, and it is far easier to teach people what you want them to learn without the hassle of having to explain why scripture reads different from their teachings.
    Faith isn’t supposed to be the accepting of information without questioning it or verifing it. Faith is supposed to be the result of proper study, comprehension, understanding and application of what one has learned. Faith isn’t supposed to be closing one’s eyes and walking into the fog. Faith is supposed to be keeping one’s eyes open, taking in the surrounding, reading the street signs and only proceding forward After haveing gained all information possible.
    Here is the difference between religion and living according to God’s Torah…..
    Two people come to the edge of a frozen lake. They want to cross to the other side.
    Religion teaches to close one’s eyes and simply walk forward.
    Torah teaches to examine the ice, test the ice to make sure it won’t crack, then carefully and alertly cross the frozen lake.
    Using Religion’s way, that person could face any number of hazards, like breaking through the ice into the chilly water below. Then Religion teaches this would be a “test” that one needs to live through.
    But using God’s way of Torah, the person would be alert to dangers, examining each step on the ice to make sure its safe to move. Torah teaches one to be knowledgable, not ignorant. Paul would write pleading with the people not to be ignorant. Why? Because one cannot walk through life blindfolded. Faith is not blind, it cannot be. And God doesn’t want people to believe Him blindly, but to trust in Him because you have concrete reasons to do so.
    Religion teaches this path:
    Faith, Trust, Learning, Comprehension, Understanding.
    What God wants is this path:
    Learning, Comprehension, Understanding, Trust, Faith.
    Faith only comes from understanding.
    Understanding can never come from faith.

  5. here we go… fellow Christians, please don’t throw anything at me while I answer this…
    Original sin had less to do with Eve, than it had to do with the fact that Adam chose to listen to his wife rather than obey God. If you read it, you’ll notice that nothing happened when Eve ate the fruit. (this could turn into a long discourse… I’ll just say that Eve wasn’t the one who disobeyed God’s directive… it was the man… sorry guys).
    God never asked us to live in a “fog” of faith… serious research will show that the Bible has plenty of corroborating evidence to make it a reliable source. And Christianity actually TELLS people to be inquisitive (2 Timothy 2:15 says Study to show yourself approved unto God… a worker who doesn’t need to be ashamed, but is able to correctly expound upon the Word of Truth).
    The reality of it is… God asks us to learn… it’s most religious leaders that have asked people to be blind. We talk of Faith and Patience as great virtues… usually citing the Book of Job… how Job endured such hardships and still had faith in God… but how often do we tell people to keep reading… reading to the part where Job was about to SNAP… because things just weren’t going right (in his mind).
    Job questioned… so why can’t we? Answer: we can. God doesn’t want blind followers… in fact, the Bible even says “can the blind lead the blind? they would both fall into a ditch”.
    God expresses Himself in more than just the Bible… and a true Bible reader would be able to tell you that even the Bible tells you that all of nature testifies to God’s existence and Power (check out Romans 1:19-20)
    In short (yeah, I know… too late)… God doesn’t mind you being inquisitive… as long as you recognize that, as God, He doesn’t really OWE you an explanation. Approach Him with the right attitude (but approach honestly… including WITH all your questions) and He will answer… if you’re willing to hear.
    Best Wishes, and God Bless.
    T.L. Clark

  6. You have a lot of thoughts that sound very much like you are either a liberal Christian or liberal Jew or perhaps a Hindu or Unitarian-Universalist. Have you tried the Belief-O-Matic at Beliefnet. It is helpful in helping you view your faith.
    Here are some great websites on religions in general.
    There isn’t anything wrong with being inquisitive and searching for answers. That is our nature, it is part of the journey back to God…back to our source. Atleast, that’s my own perspective and my religion’s perspective (I’m a Hindu). And the concept that God can just be known in one book. No, each religion, each sacred text is a different perspective…a different tiny reflection on one part of God who is infinite and vast. Each person is just touching one aspect.
    There is a Hindu story that I love to tell that when I first heard it, it really sank in just the idea of how eastern religions think of God. The story is of six blind men. Each of them live in a village and one day each of them, from their respective villages, decides to go into the forest for a walk. Each of them comes across an elephant which passes their path. The first blind man is only able to reach out and touch a fanning ear. The second blind man is only able to reach out and touch a tusk. The third blind man is only able to reach out and touch the tail (probably because the elephant is traveling a different direction on his path). The fourth blind man reaches out and is able to briefly touch the trunk. The fifth reaches out and only touches a leg. And the sixth blind man is able to reach out and touch the body. Each of the blind men go back to their villages where no one had seen an elephant and they each tell of their experience. So which blind man’s experience of the elephant was right? Who had the true experience of the elephant? The answer is that they all had an experience of the elephant that was real to them. And so is the same for God to us. We are those blind men and God is like that elephant for us. Each of us is reaching out and touching a different part of God. That’s why there are so many different religions and even why there are so many different denominations and sects and subsects within religions. Lots of different views all on the exact same thing. Our curiousity, our inquisitiveness is what makes us reach out and touch the elephant. And it is also what makes us not just settle for one experience. We do the spiritual practices to reach out and touch the elephant again and again, and sometimes we start touching a different part of the elephant then we first encountered.
    So don’t worry about the inquisitive nature, it’s there for a reason. And faith isn’t just accepting something without questioning it. Faith isn’t even about acceptance at all. Faith is what helps guide us to answers. Faith is linked to the inquisitive nature. You have faith that you will find answers and faith that you will ask more questions. You have faith that the spiritual practices will yeild spiritual progress and if they don’t after some time you are likely to let go of them and try other spiritual practices. Faith isn’t blind acceptance, it’s knowing that there is more answers out there, more truths to be discovered, and yet at the same time it seeks answers to questions. It explores. There is a card I carry around with me that I got at a Christian bookstore many years ago. It says “On the road of life faith does not take us around the pot holes, it helps us get through them.” If faith were blind it would not even notice the pot holes or even realize it was in them. Instead, you do realize the pot holes on the road of life and it is our faith that helps us, in whatever way it can, to get through those pot holes. For some its simply reminding them of of their spiritual progress, for others it’s a time of revealing of answers that can overwhelm us, and even other times it’s just knowing that at some point you’re going to figure something out. You’re going to learn something.
    And as a Hindu I definately believe that that’s the point. We’re here to learn. That’s why we’ve incarnated in this life, to learn, to grow, to strive towards our goal. For Hindus that’s moksha (liberation from the cycles of birth and death and union with God) and for other religions the goal may be something entirely different (yet almost the same…in a sense it’s God, however that religion even defines the source of all things).
    So go out and explore and let your inquisitive nature be your guide.
    Great question
    Peace be with you.

  7. yes and know… in its best is spelt with a k/n………..we appear to have only two sources of information availiable…..religeon and science….can you find any other?….yr questions are sincere…there is much to learn…because there is much to give….and the people who really graspe the inner and revealing aspects of any…yes any religeon….know the others………and they live and help life to evolve….they are seldome noticed….make no spectacles of themselves….but live the teachings to the best of their abilities……….so study all religeons…and be-life..[.derrivative of believe]……………most of the errors that have occur’d and seem misleading are not worth one answer obtained by earnest inquiry…for from that springs a knowing of hope eternal…….cheers

  8. ??austingirl??,
    concerning the “fog” of faith:
    You said that you were spiritual. That means to me that you have experienced an expression of your spirit, right? If so, it will be good for you to know that God reveals Himself the same way, through His Spirit. So when you are discovering your spiritualness, you may come across the Divine Prescence. The Jesus story is true. His Spirit let me know. Until you are influenced by His Spirit, you will:
    1) Not want to know Him,
    2) Not acknowledge Him,
    3) Not want to come to Him.
    If you have experienced the opposite of any of those 3 things, you are chosen by Him to know Him. You will notice a desire to come to Him, that’s Him doing that. If you decide to, you may be like me and be able to skip “religion” and stay spiritual like I did.
    If you will, I can call myself religious, but only by some definitions of the word. I do not go for the traditional rituals that are placed by others in Christianity. Only those that the Lord has placed in His word. I hope that you can come to the Lord that brings peace to His Children, those and only those are the true Children of God.

  9. Grotequely. Naturally, all religions favor only their own followers and declare everyone else damned and worse. No fairness involved: Character, morality, ethics don’t matter. Obedience does.

  10. Yes. You would do better understanding God by delving into your very own nature. Once you’re there all you will see is love. We are made into His image, so it is the right approach to understand ourselves first before we will even touch his essence. Religion, as you said, seemed to hinder our growth to developed spiritually. Religion is only good in the first stage of infancy of searching but must continue to move on. You’ll know in your heart when its time. You’ll know.

  11. I am a Christian, and a chemist – scientific nature, and all that.
    God wants faith, And it is hard to come by – read about Gideon in the book of Judges, or testing God in Malachi, it is a challenge.
    God wants you to believe in him, not from the past, or the present. He wants to know that you believe in YOUR future. he has plans for you that are better than you could imagine, the question is, will you trust him to do it. It is scary concept, yet easy. Just as a baby trusts their parents for everything, so you need to trust God.
    all that sounds easy, the challenge is how much will you trust him. He is ready to guide you step by step into deeper faith. He even said if you have faith enough, you can toss a mountain into the sea.
    Sorry – there is no positive proof, I hope you understand the concept

  12. christianity is for mindless sheep. Think for yourself question authority. theres more than one answer and theres more than just either you accept it or you go to hell……

  13. Hmm, just wondering, when you say you’re spiritual, what do you mean? I’m asking because I’m curious, not to call you out.

  14. I don’t really believe in religion. I think it’s more of a personal thing. Something that you have to figure out as you live your life, NOT something that’s set and you have to live by.

  15. Religion is fair. Just pick one that suits your beliefs. It doesn’t matter what you believe in there is something that you can bend to justify your actions.

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