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Is religion and politics…?

Close to the same thing?
Please do not get offended, but all organized religions are the same in some sense. Ranting on with what so awesome about “Their” God. I wont even get into Catholicism. What ever happened to Shamanism and Paganism as a respected religion? Christianity wiped it out, although in recent times some more liberated open minded people decide to reintroduce it into today’s society. Why I compare this to politics is that its just a big scheme to get someone to listen to you. Making false judgments about the other religions. Saying oh its wrong if you don’t accept JC in your heart…you’ll go to Hell. Well guess what folk’s? Hells a place that Ive been to and we live it everyday so………. go by your man made bibles and what not but be a little bit more open minded to others who do not believe in your God and do not judge others…. like the Bible says.


  1. I am a Christian and can only agree with you. Many times today ” religion ” can kill the message that we are trying to convey. Religion is what is killing our society. Religion is what judges others….
    Christianity is something altogether different. No judgements…just love. I do have a certain belief system and I belive mine to be the ” correct ” one…but MY choice. Everyone has the right and free will to choose for themselves. I just happen to believe that the right was given to me by God.

  2. Religion and politics should NEVER be mixed together; doing so WILL lead society into becoming a theocratic one.

  3. If you read the New Testament, in The four Gospels, you will read that indeed religion and politics conspired together to crucify Christ. The Pharisees, and Scribes and Roman politics
    today religion and politics in many parts of the world are hand in hand. But True Christianity of what God has ordained for man is has no part in politics.
    And to say that man lives in hell while on earth is incorrect.
    We have the beautiful created world by God that we live in.
    The warming sun, beautiful flowers, trees and plants.
    The wonderful animals, and the beautiful blue skies and stars
    are all for mans enjoyment.
    Yes the world we live in has many problems sin sickness, death etc. But that is all due to the fall of man. Romans 5:12
    Because of the offense of the one man sin entered into world and through sin death, And thus death passed on to all men
    because all have sinned.
    But no this is not hell, And yes you need to receive Christ as your savior. He is Gods gift to man that man maybe saved from sin and death.
    But religion and politics come from the same source, from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which God commanded man not to eat Genesis 2:17, And religion is separate from Gods way of salvation.

  4. Yes, they’re both evil, and cause wars throughout the world.
    EDIT: I have to honestly say that moses Beyond made a very strong and valid argument on this one, i think he’s deserving of the best answer here.

  5. Ah, http://www.mormon.org/mormonorg/eng/basic-beliefs/the-restoration-of-truth/god-is-your-loving-heavenly-father
    Just for you to know the truth
    There have to be a purpose for life otherwise we will miss the peaceful path of happiness so we want to be just better everyday
    What is God? ,
    What’s makes God as god? ,
    What is God’s Power? ,
    For all sort of these questions, I have very limited understanding so Let me give you the point. Well, just try to know, what’s makes God as god, the Power, isn’t it? So what the power can do? Ah? Well, It can give the ability to organise all things and It can give the ability to separate everything and most importantly, the Ability to control everything, Isn’t it? Isn’t it Good? Ah? So, what I try to say here is, from my hard study and research effort with the help from god, I realized that the ability to control everything, the Power of God is gradually increased in the full amount to use so, The Power of God is always the omnipotent and existed among everything so the God now is always the same omnipotent, who is organised us So how could that be possible to be perfect in perfection always, Ah…? And The Power of God, the ability is the reward for us to control everything in a proper manner, like the true God of goodness. So ~ LOVE IS THE ABILITY ~
    We have to lift it up little by little towards Perfection. So
    If you are humble, please… Pray to know the truth from true God by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit with great faith and. Good in Bad & Bad in Good so the values is most important. God gave us the rights to do what is right for you and sometimes, things can be right in your point of view but wrong in Public point of view so
    Basically, just pray about it for the Good Answer and try to do the God’s will first always
    I have true testimony of true God
    Please, just try to understand the fundamental…
    If you think, why so much trouble and pain in this world…? Then there is only one reason, without pain, No pleasure and without pleasure, no pain. So without them, we cannot enjoy this life so always we need them in our development towards the perfection of God. So-so you use pain and pleasure instead of pain and pleasure use you. I mean you must link a lot of pleasure in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
    It is Wonderful… wonderful nature for us by the true… God. And
    we all make mistakes so it is hard to look for star in daylight. So just in faith… it is possible. Like that the faith in true God. And If you think, even expert can be wrong then you have to make the fine research in all most everything so It is hard and some time, it is impossible to achieve so Why we need inappropriate action to find the owner of higher power? SO,
    So, just try to understand, because of Lack of faith in true God, we do not have the great gift of understanding of things so just
    understand this please.
    We cannot get anything from nothing so changing something into this perfect state, we need something or someone so all things are spiritually first, to govern everything by God. So, closely, Have a look at this world of wonders of yours and then you know the truth, when you listen to your real voice and then Having a strong desire to do the best every day then stick with the best to do your best. And most importantly, try to be grateful for what you have now and try to know where you come from to have the great gift of understanding and then, have the faith to become the best winner in your life. And this is the best meaning of happy life.
    The Low of mercy cannot rob the Low of justice so God provided the way to our salvation to overcome our sin so Jesus Christ sacrifice is much needed to return to live with God, because God is perfect in perfection so Jesus Christ is our savior to pay our punishment of our sin so-so Because of the perfect love of god for you. So God gave Jesus Christ for us ~ FOR US ~
    It is the time to make the great decision.
    Good luck.
    If you are interested, I gladly encourage you to visit the web side http://www.mormon.org for your spiritual support. & If you find this useful, please help others. Thanks for the opportunity.


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