is religion a metaphorical parody on astrology?

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Everything about religion seems to correspond with astrology and the sun, what do you think?

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jessica [GORE]

I agreed wholeheartedly.


Religion is a moronic method of explaining the world.


Not really. Astrology seems more like a parody of religion.

Kemet Angel

not really, astrology is a mystical art, it was invented by ancient Pagans

Zeitgeist anyone?


That’s not what it’s ment for but that’s what is used to explain it.


In other words, is religion making fun of astrology? No. Religion is a joke in itself.

Assorted Jelly Beans

almost, its a spin-off of space. a pathetic example may it be


Modern day religions spawn from ancient beliefs, the ancients were hugely fascinated with astrology and astronomy. The magic number appearing in most religions is 7, that being the number of the planets, at least the number of planets which the ancients used in such matters.
Our week of seven days is built upon the ancients’ study of astrology/astronomy, it came from the Sumerians. The most obvious being Sunday and Saturday, representing the Sun and Saturn respectively.
The Great Egyptian Pyramids correlate with the position of the Orion Belt, some believe the pyramids’ position to the Nile is linked to the position of the Orion Belt in relation with the Milky Way.
Of course, would I be a true Leo without mentioning the Sphinx. The body of a lion (Leo), it is said to represent the highest form of a Leo’s soul evolution, wisdom beyond their earthly years. Of course, it is more metaphorical in the sense of the development of an individual’s character.


No, I think they just come from the same place. Superstition and the will to believe…


NO! God though told stories through the stars. Every contillation is a story that God has bestowed upon us


I can’t say yes, because I am not 100% sure, but I think it is. I am convinced religion started when an alien named Jesus came and said he was sent from God (a spaceship). That’s how Jesus could walk on water!


It’s more like the other way around.
Astrology could be considered a religion if you looked at from a very skewed perspective, but the stars can’t tell you who you are.
Horoscopes work because they’re very generalized. I got one saying, “You are going to feel tired today.”
No Way?!?!?!


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