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is reincarnation true? once you die you are born in a other body?(animal/ human) or is it you go to heaven?

is it true that you might be another person in a past life? or an animal? who thinks it is possible? any proof?


  1. I’m really not sure. Like, my religion says it’s not true, but my religion also says we should stone the gays while I’m all for gay marriage. That would be so sweet if it does exist.

  2. How do you define truth? Both the idea of reincarnation and the idea of heaven are Religious Beliefs. There are anecdotal reports of persons haviing ‘visions’ or ‘experiences’ that supposedly confirm these beliefs, but a lot of people would label those delusions. The Scientific evidence for either belief is non-existant.

  3. It’s only true for you if you feel you’ve experienced this for yourself.
    I personaly believe that I have lived many lives before this and will continue to live many lifes after this. I think that I’ll stick with homosapians.
    Anyway you should pick up the book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health”. By L. Ron. Hubbard, you can buy it at pretty much any book store or pick it up at your local library. I think that it may help answer this question for you.
    Also I would recommend the book “Mission into Time” also by L. Ron Hubbard.
    They are very good reads!

  4. Very unlikely. From a practical point, being a person in the past life makes very little sense, as the population on earth has been steadily increasing throughout time with but a few glitches. And really, does it make much sense to be born into another animal? One that lacks any sense of language outside of very basic renderings of brainstem functions? I doubt it. What does that even mean? To have no means of even accessing past memories, situations, occurences….
    In my eyes, the message of God as Creator makes far more sense and very much plays into the scientific renderings of the universe. For instance, cosmology suggests our universe had to have an origin and that all matter is slowly dissipating away to energy in the universe, i.e. there will be a beginning and an end.

  5. I think when you die whatever you believe will happen or truly want to happen does. If you want to be reincarnated or that is your religious belief than you will be. Simple as that for me, anyway!

  6. There is no after life in any form. The Hindu belief is that if you live a good life, you are reborn into a higher caste. When you become a Brahmin and are virtuous, you pass on to Nirvana and are reborn no more. If you are bad, you regress and may become a lower animal.

  7. reincarnation? no. and no proof. heaven and hell? i guess were going to find out. as for evidence, the bible, and several religions that copied the bible when it got popular. but no reincarnation. its to convenient. bad life? wait for the next one! i dont think so.

  8. It really depends on who’s view you look at. Some say you can come from or go to animal, others say no, just human to human. Some say there is a process between lives that would be a blink of an eye on the other side but might be 100 years between lives in the physical. The only proof someone might have are case files that you might be able to get on line or in the library.

  9. Reincarnation is much more logical than the one-life/heaven or hell philosophy.
    Each life is a learning experience. When we die we go to the afterlife, which is called the Bardo in Buddhism. It is similar to heaven or hell or in between, but is temporary. Then we are born again into the next life. We evolve gradually as we learn the lessons in each life, so we will be human again in the next one. Lower forms of life evolve over many litetimes into higher ones. Finally, when all the lessons have been learned, we no longer need a physical body, so we can move on permanently.
    I have witnessed many past life regressions under hypnosis, and observed that our past lives influence this life. A child who can play the violin at age four may have been a musician in a past life. A person who has a passion for a certain foreign country or culture may have been there last time around.
    The only proof I know of is hypnotic regression and anecdotal evidence over thousands of years by practitioners of meditation and eastern philosophy.
    It explains why children are born geniuses or with illnesses or have short lives. This is because of karma from a previous life. They may have done something last time or need to learn a certain lesson this time.
    It also helps us to understand that nothing is permanent, even death. We live again.
    The Bible was changed and christianity was adjusted to remove reference to reincarnation, by the council of Nicea in 500 AD. The church wanted to hold power over its members. We are all born again, many times. Many other religions accept reincarnation as fact.

  10. It is an idea that has been thought of, but there is no way of knowing for sure, I’m afraid. It’s definately my favourite choice of belief, but I’m not believing in it just because it’s appealing!
    Anyway, in case you don’t know already, this is what Buddhists believe. Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism If you want to find out more

  11. how can you go to heaven when you didn’t do your lessons in your life, have sins that you didn’t get over yourself or finished the life sooner because of an accident ??
    you go all over again to learn more stuff….you give yourself the lessons you’d need to take, thing is not always, during the lifetime, you really took them and graduate them :))
    after you learned what you needed to learn and purified a lot, you can then go to heaven….
    it’s like you want to go from kindergarden to university ?? 🙂
    :)) hihi
    there are also other theories who explain it more and tell us more about reincarnation, but basically that’s the thing 🙂
    the part of being born in another animal bothers you ? then you would not become one…remember that on this planet there are millions that really love animals, some more than their fellow humans, because animals give love unconditionally :))
    so yes, you’re not alone and not the only one…..


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