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Is reincarnation real?

Are there only so many souls in the world and we have to be reborn to learn lessons and better ourselves, why do many religions not believe in this, isn’t it possible or is past life regression a money making scheme.


  1. No. The world population continues to grow, showing there is not a limit on the number of souls.
    Hebrews 9:27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,

  2. I believe in it. I believe in karma-based reincarnation. So if you are an ignorant tool (most people who answered this question), you will be forced to live in a diverse society in your next life.

  3. I don’t believe it. No offence to those who do. This lifetime is enough for many of us live and learn and our sole mission is to devote ourselves to God. Buddists and Hindus believe in reincarnation though I don’t know the full story.

  4. Reincarnation is based on the idea of the immortal soul.
    According to the Bible, the soul is not immortal.
    Ezekial 18:4.
    Ipso facto: money making scheme.

  5. There are some very compelling stories that IMO went way beyond coincidence. It is possible. Reincarnation is in most mystical teachings and even some religions. In fact, supposedly, reincarnation was in the original bible.

  6. If the person who said that the population of the world growing proves that reincarnation is NOT real, well then maybe not ALL souls are reincarnated, but I know that SOME are, because I know that I have lived before and I believe in reincarnation. Maybe some souls are new to human life, some are old, I believe Im an old soul and nearly ready to resign from being reincarnated, nearing my destination of spiritual evolution….No matter WHAT you believe, Reincarnation IS a valid belief, just as valid as any other. If one thinks its “ridiculous”, they might as well think it’s “ridiculous” that their savior rose from the dead and will return to save them and bring back all their loved ones from the dead, right? People should respect others beliefs because sometimes their very own beliefs are just as “Ridiculous” sounding as the ones they are ridiculing….

  7. No. Everyone who claims to have been was a king or a hero or someone interesting. No one was a child who died of an infectious disease – which is what happened to most people who were born in the past.
    Demonstrate it convincingly, and James Randi will give you a million dollars.

  8. There are children in India who started speaking about their past lives and relations. When their parents went to the location told by the child, they were able to verify that such a person was indeed present in the past, related to somebody and who had died few years back. There were multiple cases like this.
    Also people under Hypnosis have been able to recall their past lives.
    In the Bhagavadgita (One of the Holy books of Hinduism), the lord himself states that just as a person changes clothes, the Soul sheds a body and acquires another.
    To believe or not is your prerogative. Science can only answer so much.


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