Home Discussion Forum is reincarnation real? can you see your past lives?

is reincarnation real? can you see your past lives?

I always feel like i want to understand if reincarnation is possible but i don’t know where to look.


  1. No it isn’t. The reason we know it isn’t, is that you are your physical body, and that is all you are. You didn’t exist before you were conceived, grew from a single cell and were born. You will cease to exist when you die. Therefore there is nothing of you to be or have been reincarnated.

  2. I believe in it. I have always thought in a past life I lived among the ancient Egyptians. My parents have even claimed that for my behavior when I was young. At 5 I could write my name in hieroglyphics and I couldn’t get enough books about Egypt. My mom now and then calls me Cleopatra.

  3. There are books and websites that provide evidence that reincarnation is real. But here’s how I look at it: Water is recycled. Matter is recycled. Energy is recycled. Organic material is recycled. Why not life? Why not souls?
    Plus, the people who have accurately guessed about their past lives does not hurt the argument.

  4. Yes, in my opinion.
    You can only see your past lives when you die and you enter the spiritual planes, therefore is the time to look upon all your mistakes and improve your spirit, gradually moving up to a higher spiritual plane before incarnating again into another life.

  5. Yes, I feel it is. If you are interested in this, there are hypnotherapists who are trained in past life regression and can take you back to your past lives through guided hypnosis. Depends on how far you want to go with it.
    There is a very good book on reincarnation you may want to read called, “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. It is the true story of a prominent psychiatrist and his patient and goes into the past life therapy that changed their lives. Very interesting.

  6. The laws of karma and reincarnation are man made and wretched.
    If you travel to a places in the world where people truly believe, you will find the true nature of it and how it holds people in it’s grip.
    Thanks to lack of education and with the help of men like Deepak Chopra,
    Westerners have a very watered down idea of it.
    Take for example a person that has caused much destruction – Hitler, for example, as his name always comes up. Karma and reincarnation teaches that upon his death, the bad karma he accumulated goes on into another life but the recipient has no idea of the weight they are carrying. Hitler’s soul could be reincarnated into another person, animal or insect. There are some people that wear mouth and nose coverings to avoid breathing someone in. (I’m not joking.)
    In countries where karma rules the day and homeless children roam the street, other citizens do nothing to help them. Not because they are cruel but because the child has accumulated bad karma and they believe the sooner the child dies he can begin again. I saw a news article a few years back about a heartbroken mother that had lost her 13 year son to an early death. Just after the funeral, an iguana walked into her home. The photo showed her with tears rolling down her face as she held it – because she was convinced it was her son reincarnated.
    I strongly suggest the book by Ravi Zacharais called “Jesus Among Other Gods”. He was raised in India and has a clear understanding of these things – and he takes strong offense to the tripe dished out by Deepak Chopra


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