Is reincarnation meant to be true?





Is reincarnation meant to be true?


  1. Yes its meant to be true but something screwed up and the system is faulty so when we die our soul is sent to a waiting room.
    No one has bothered to fix it yet.

  2. In a past life I believed in reincarnation, but now I don’t.
    I am open to the idea, but since I have no real memory of a previous life, I cannot prove it.

  3. Everything, regardless to how ridiculous, in our religions is supposed to be true.
    Reincarnation at least makes some sense when you think of it as the recycling of life energy. Certainly more sense than floating up into the clouds to live in a mansion!

  4. I believe it is.
    Some people (myself included) have had spontaneous recollections of such things.
    Others can access them through regression hypnosis.
    Great Religious Leaders (including Jesus) have spoken of them…
    And they give one a reason to live a good life, when the idea’s embraced, so that one is not ever lost in life, in terms of a direction, at least.

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