Is reincarnation, in a sense, reality after all?

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If “matter flows from place to place, and momentarily comes together to be you” – does this mean that somewhere, at some point in time, that matter will come together in another sentient being? Does this mean a reincarnation of sorts is real?

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Tony B

No, because that matter, if it eventually came together in another sentient being, will have no memory of the previous billions of beings, sentient or not, that it will have passed through over the eons.

The Laughing Man

Yes. After death, we all return to the life stream. The question is will you end up becoming another living creature, or just fuel for some bastards mako reactor.


Reincarnation is simply something people made up who thought death was a scary thing. There is no solid evidence to support that we come back again after we die. It would be nice if this were true but it’s just a delusion; just like Heaven and Hell.


what a complicated question. wow. the simple answer: you sorta got it. energies re-form and reincarnation without memory happens


If reincarnation is true then why i don’t remember my past life? Isn’t that logical?


There is only one person who can answer this question. You. Professor Ian Stevenson, now deceased gathered a vast amount of data about people who claimed to remember their previous lives. Some people could identify people they had known and places they had been in the past. They were often very convincing. However the mechanism and theory behind reincarnation is very fuzzy.
According to Buddhism, it is not a self or soul that is reborn, more a life continuum fueled by craving, though in some of his talks, the Buddha allowed that rebirth may not occur. You can at least see how the mind ceaselessly reinvents itself from moment to moment and gets “reborn” into the objects it attaches to, especially if it is fascinated by them.
Christians and Muslims in their own way believe in one or two afterlives, so they believe in a form of reincarnation where you live for ever in hell or heaven. A point lost on Christians who claim not to believe in it.
If reincarnation is true, then you have lived before. If you want to prove this to yourself, you may experiment with remembering your previous life. However, it is difficult for one psychophysical organism to remember a former version and you may have or create false memories. If you learn to concentrate your mind and perform a recollection practice over and over again … you may find out. I don’t reccommend it.


considering that you are not H/W rather S/W controlling the matter . Its like reloading windows on a new PC

Daniel Dawning

I think reincarnation is real. But, that’s my belief. There’s no proof I’ve found that’s irrefutable.

Lisa Follin

You really should read some of Ian Stevenson’s work.
As posted above me, some people are able to remember their past lives – though I disagree that it is not recommended to try and do so.
Think how wise we could be if we could collect the intelligence of all our past lives. This is equivalent to thousands of years of wisdom.
Just my 2 cents.


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