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Is Reiki treatment really good?

can some people write to me and tell me how it has helped them. because i am thinking off using it for my dog who has cancer? x


  1. I have never done it myself (it’s a massage therapy technique) but I’ve talked to some others who have done it and had good results.

  2. ” Reiki not only heals diseases, but also amplifies innate abilities, balances the spirit, makes the body healthy, and thus helps achieve happiness.”
    Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy” channelled through the practitioner to the recipient.
    Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help.

  3. Personally, I’d say no. But it totally depends on who you go to. It deals very much with your aura and often the wrong tech can punch holes in it and cause serious damage. 1 did with me, i got waeker and weaker and got very sick in the end and took me a year to recover. Go with gut instinct about it. But i’d recommend Homeopathy or Healing with Crystals if you to give them a shot before the Reiki. Just be careful! Good luck, hope it works out for you

  4. No sorry there’s no evidence that it works and no way in which it physically could work besides the placebo effect and your dog isn’t going to be effected by that! Reiki as with most other alternative therapies relies on warm, welcoming practitioners in attractive environments taking money from the desperate and gullible. Sorry but its true. If there was anything in it real scientists and medics would have got in to it years ago!

  5. I’ve had healing done but not reiki although i didnt feel any difference in pain or ease of movement in my joints that couldn’t be explained by simply relaxing they could feel where i was most tense and other problems i did not tell them about but dont stop any conventional treatment as my experience could of been more psycological although i have herd some very good reporty of reiki form “frends” who practice this techneaque i have many doubts.

  6. It’s really good for the practitioners who make money from gullible people. Dawkins is right on this point. Unfortunately people who are desperate and vulnerable easily fall for such mumbo-jumbo about the energy of the universe being directed at healing, etc. Sorry to be bearer of bad news. Hope your dog benefits from more trusted treatment and you don’t waste money unnecessarily.

  7. Rei Ki means energy derivered from the universe/space. A person can be treated even from the remote place on the planet, provided u know him/her or have the photo.
    It is deriving energy from the universe and treating the illness. It works on a broad platform allowing the nature to take the best course of action.
    e.g if you have a pain,sprain,catch to any on a particular spot, the healer tells to cure the illness, and to my surprise it cured within a few minutes.
    If it can cure a human why not a dog, the basic composition of both man and dog is more or less same.

  8. It could help ease the pain and relax your dog. But i really dont think it would cure him. If that was the case i think people would opt for Reiki alot more

  9. I have given myself reiki for anxiety, and I have helped people with arthritic pain and leg swelling, sometimes in the matter of ten minutes. For free, I might add.
    It is NOT a massage technique. Massage is hands on manipulation of the muscles. Reiki can be done by just placing your hands on another person or an animal. It can also be done long distance.
    It’s not likely that Reiki could heal your dog (although miracles do happen). But it could certainly help ease pain. That’s what it’s best for, in my opinion.
    In fact, I think everybody has a certain degree of Reiki and you might try just petting your dog with the intent for healing.
    I could send you some Reiki long-distance, if you’d like to experience it. No strings attached. I have a hard time with charging for Reiki. I think it’s everyone’s birthright.


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