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Is reiki energy and chi and tranferring of energy for the highest good witchcraft?

I am a Spirit filled born again Christian and I beleive in healing because I myself have been healed by the laying on of hands and seen others healed by God working through me. However I have also heard about sending energy and tried it and it was very peaceful and I acually felt the energy flow through my body also I did not get a check in my spirit as to it being wrong like I’d get if I was trying to cast a spell or have a seance or something. I’m wondering if this energy flow is actually the unbeleivers way of trying to explain our spirits and the flow of healing annointing which can be tapped into by anyone through faith. Please leave comments with your opinions please or any kind of scripture that could give insight.


  1. By practice we can flow energy to others
    By faith one can use his own energy for healing
    It not the power of any other evil spirits, but of ours given by the Source (God)
    We had given every thing in advance even Salvation ,eternity (Bible, Hindu Scriptures-Only we have to realize it)
    There is no fault on saying God healed, bcoz ultimately every thing of God’s. so it is also right.

  2. Not at all. Chi is the energy of the universe and the earth. Reiki is very similar. Nothing witchy about it at all. I am sorry that you are born again. It usually makes more problems than it solves. Hence your question.
    Good luck.


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