I read auras. It’s just something I’ve done for a while. But on the other hand I have recently become christian. I don’t consider it religion…more like spirituality. But I don’t want to disrespect God by meditating or reading auras. So the question is am I disrespecting him or going against him by meditating and reading auras?

I don’t read for compensation. I just do it with my friends and people I know.
Sorry no I cannot read auras over the internet. I’d have to be there and know you. An aura is an energy that surrounds a person.

And actually I wouldn’t say I’m a “natural” anyone can do it. Well not anyone….they have to be open to it. Like you have to have certain qualities to be able to do it. Mental not physical qualities. But thank you. Most of you said it’s not so I’ll go with that.

I’m not really that good. I do need to focus on the person and I can’t do it all the time. I can read my own aura very well though.


  • Hello

    How can it be against ‘rules’

    If they exist, then they do so as part of the spiritual body, regardless of what man made religion you follow.

    Only your heart can tell you what is right for you & to read auras makes you a Clairvoyant/Psychic. Go with what you feel from your own spiritual self.


  • The Holy Spirit bestows gifts upon people; these gifts include the Word of Wisdom, the Word of Knowledge, Prophecy, etc. Faith itself is a gift.
    In my opinion, your ability to see and comprehend auras, which most people cannot see, is some type of Word of Wisdom….a keen insight into a person, place or thing.
    I would say you can do it in the Name of Jesus Christ.
    Many occult gifts can be viewed as Word of Wisdom.

  • i dont think so he give you the gift for a reason. use it wisely , maybe its to prevent you from harm or something deeper , just dont profit from it or abuse it and respect it you will be fine

  • Well it depends who you ask.
    I have a Wiccan friend who would say yes, it is against God,
    but my mother, who does energy healing, would say no, and she’s Christian.
    I read auras, but I’m not really religious.

    I don’t think it’s necessarally against God, because there’re those pictures of Jesus with the yellow glow [aura] around him.
    I think that pretty well says that reading auras isn’t against God.

  • If you light a candle do you hide it under a bushel, then try to light the room with a match? blow out the match let the candle ( Truth) light the room. ‘Jesus is the light of the World”

  • oh cool, i read auras too. also energy and meditation. Aura reading is not part of the 10 commandments AND, its not agaist god.

    im not christian but i know alot.

  • If it is something really natural for you I doubt it is a bad thing. Just have a strong faith in God and develop your morals and values and love. If you do that you can’t go wrong. If you are a righteous person that respects everyone and truly loves, that has morals and values than you’re fine. Can you read my aura?

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