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Is quitting job without notice really that bad?

I’ve had a few jobs in my career where I quit without notice. The first one I had a some type of spiritual awakening and thought I’d create my own business and didn’t show up to work and just sent an email.
Every time I have a job lined up they always wait till the last minute until I find out they have a job and expect me to start on a given time because that’s when “training class is”.
Isn’t it a myth that future employers can find out about this? I thought it was just legal for them to give the dates of your employment and that’s all they can say for legal reasons.
Two jobs ago I was fired for unjust cause. Intimidation, Verbal abuse. My boss would fire someone and then say to me “Another one bites the dust Matt and she walked by my desk”
Very hostile environment.


  1. Eventually you are going to want a job that will require references, and not from friends and family. Employers do call your past employers to check on you. The companies can’t really bad mouth you, but if asked if they would rehire you in the future, they can reply “no”. Their tone of voice in answering the questions also tells the caller all they need to know. It sounds like you would really enjoy being self-employed or working in a career where you can set your own hours. We all have to work in jobs where at times, we may be mistreated, depending on who the latest boss is. There is a way of working around these types of abusive people without losing your cool. Check out the book “Toxic People” for tips for dealing with these types both on and off the job.

  2. if its a job where your only there for a few days and found out it really sucked then i would just peace out too. i’ve done it like 5 times and i land every job i get an interview for.

  3. To answer your questions, yes, quitting without notice is bad. It leaves your co-workers and the company in a lurch. Haven’t you ever had to clean up a mess that someone who quit suddenly left?
    No, it’s not a myth. Employers are allowed to state facts, and if you quit without giving notice, that is a fact that they can disclose.
    There is one question that carries a lot of weight; “Would you re-hire this person?” A response of no says a lot to a potential employer.

  4. It depends. If the job is in an area which you do not intend to work ever again and, therefore, you don’t need a good reference or word from them, go for it. I’m in the academic world and I once worked in a hotel for a few years–had a real bitch of a supervisor who hated me and the department head wouldn’t do a darn thing. Usually, whenever I wanted a day off the department head would give it to me without any problems but the last time, I received no answer–later found that the supervisor had bugged him to make me work on the day I wanted to be off. I had already made plans for that day and kept them–it was payday, so I went in early, got my paycheck from the department head and never went back. I received a letter saying I “resigned-no notice”. I never even mention working there and I have gotten all sorts of academic jobs. Nobody asks


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