Is qigong more powerful than acupuncture?

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Why or why not? Done for acute symptoms or for proactive wellness? What is their relationship?
Oh, and with or without placebo effect (obviously when acupuncture works in animals, it’s not due to psychological expectations)? Sorry, answer #1 doesn’t give a good answer.
Wow, skepdoc, please just stop replying. You’re not answering my question at all. I’m looking for an answer comparing the two, not a rejection of both.

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SkepDoc 2.0

It is equivalent to acupuncture
Both are based on magical thinking, and activation of the placebo response.
EDIT: I will have to disagree with your added comment. The placebo effect doesn’t require belief in it to work, as it is an innate physiological response, similar to the “fight or flight” response. First, there is very limited evidence that acupuncture “works” in animals, but sticking needles into them is a very good way to activate the placebo response. Adrenalin and endorphin levels will rise to suppress pain. It is a temporary effect.
It works better when people believe in it as there are heightened expectations. It works better with repetition as well because of positive reinforcement. THough it is very difficult to develop a proper control for acupuncture, it has never proven to be any more effective than sham acupuncture.
I don’t know what Pete’ “experience” is, since he has no profile, and his questions and answers are a secret. Personally, I don’t take advice from secretive strangers.
EDIT 2. You realize telling me not to answer is a form of censorship, and fascism? I guess not. It’s not my fault if you are too deluded or closed minded to not recognize that I am the only one actually answering your question. You may as well be asking “Who is more powerful, Superman or Spiderman and why aren’t they helping win the Iraq war?”


In my experience Acupuncture is best for chronic problems.

Derek O

SkepDoc has obviously never experienced acupuncture. I think acupuncture would be more powerful because you can focus more on specific areas(i’ve never practiced qigong though). It’s frustrating that in 2008 people STILL associate all natural disciplines as belief based, hocus pocus, etc.


I do both. But my guess is acupuncture is best for acute symptoms. I had a horrible headache yesterday before acupuncture, she did some point in my ears, hands, and head, and the headache disappeared.
I have done qigong for stress relief. I love it and it does really help calm me.
I love Lee Holden! I have tried a few qigong DVD’s and his is, hands down, the best. You can see his qigong demo here


They both help raise Qi (life energy) throughout the body but with Qigong, you get to be your body’s own pilot and it also helps free the mind & reduce stress, improve concentration & self esteem, etc. more like meditation does.
I personally love both.. but think practicing Qigong daily helps you get in touch with yourself and your inner powers more than acupuncture does…
Do both 🙂
Edit: Ofcourse for acute symptoms one should use a more intense therapy…. As for myself I had Hyperthiroidism a few years ago and the symptoms all vanished after just going in for 5-6 treatmets..


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