Home Discussion Forum Is Qigong a martial art? What do you do in Qigong?

Is Qigong a martial art? What do you do in Qigong?


  1. Qi Gong is not in itself a martial art, but a series of exercises used to build chi flow. It’s principles are incorporated into some martial arts – for example White Crane Qi Gong is very relevant to Southern White Crane Kung Fu.

  2. Salutations,
    It is an Internal Style, which is to say all the benefits are focused inward. It is certainly an art. with Martial ramifications. Cheers

  3. Qigong is much more than a martial art.
    Many people see Qigog FORMS and immediately associate it with martial arts. Forms are usually done as a series of moves to promote energy circulation within the body. Many (if not most) of the forms can and do have martial applications.
    Worldwide, it is probably used for health maintenance more than it is used as a martial art. Qigong is all about qi/chi — internal energy. So it is an INTERNAL martial art.
    Being a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, my long term objectives are to incorporate Qigong into my internal arts practices. If it broadens my martial applications — well and good, but I am primarily interested in it’s health applications.
    I expect Qigong to broaden my understanding of how the internal martial arts work.

  4. quigong is a load of crap.
    you have as much chance increasing your fighting ability by playing monopoly as you do from quigong.
    quigong is the idea of “expanding” and “training” your “chi energy”.
    it holds chi as a magical thing that can be projected, stolen and used.
    its crap.
    if you apply a real definition to chi, then you apply adrenalin, technique, structure and technique bueing used to increase power, adrenalin or increased health (leading to better conditioning).
    ALL of these LEGITIMATE AND PROVEABLE AND PROVEN concepts can be trained in more legitimate ways than quigong.
    if you want to go and waste your time to make friends as a social club- fine, but there are better ways to do that too, but to increase your ability to fight,
    quigong has never shown any legitimacy.
    run/swim, lift, eat healthy, etc. if you want to increase your fighting ability.
    or you could sit around and try to “give” and “take” and “project/use” chi and you and the guy trying to levitate will have fun wasting your lives together.

  5. It is mostly about breathing and exercising to bring Chi to various parts of the body. It is an internal art from what I have seen. Hi Bluto tell us what you really think. I think I’ll have another beer.


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