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Is putting a barrier on the edges of my bed considered a sanctuary from negative energies?


  1. any area that you protect with magic is a sanctuary the bed is a very good place to start because this is where we spend the most time in one place and are at our most vulnerable.

  2. I don’t think so as there would be no barrier from the observation of fallen angels expect the human mind. That barrier was created by God. All negative energies would be from fallen angels, unless you are talking about things like Radon or radiation etc. Each of those energies can be blocked or removed by different methods.

  3. i agree with chris j. you also need to have your bed in a spot where the positive energies are concentrated to reinforce the barrier

  4. If you are worrying about Negative Energies entering your room or home or heart then I tell you you are putting way too much energy into the whole situation, you are fueling your fears by putting energy into it, and by thinking negatively like that, But if you really want to make sure the negative energy stays away, go and buy a small ceramic Oil Burner and some lavender Potpourri oil, and a dram of Rose oil, and some white tea candles, and when you get home take that oil burner and oils and set it up in your bedroom near the door and put 1/4 rose oil and 3/4 Lavender and Lite a candle under the oil and let it burn it self out as you sleep. The Essence of the two oil keeps Negative Spirits and energy out and cleanses your home at the same time relieving any tension that has been building up in the air.


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