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Is Psychokinesis Real? (moving things using your mind.) If so how do you train to become one?

I have been very interested in Psychic lately and different aspects of this (although i’m not 100% sure if its all true) and Psychokinesis has fascinated me the most
Now many claim they can do it but do you think at least it’s real? If so how do you go about becoming one/training to be one?
Thank you

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    • Yes ! you are right . I stopped doing that some 20 years ago but for the last 30 years I have had magical and amazining dreams that I do have those powers. Yet in waking conciousness am unable to do anything.!
      My dream state enables me to do everything I want.
      No. drugs ever . It seems that my dream state and awake state are separate , I’m a potter of 53 living in Scotland.
      Am I ALONE? Alastair

  1. no, it is not real. It has never been proven. A lot of con artists claim to be able to do it but under lab conditions their ‘powers’ always fail them. Strange that, eh?

  2. Yer it’s true- I was able to make my friend’s ear move using only my mind…it amazed everyone- i don’t have a clue how i did it though- just concentrate really really hard!

  3. Its all fake, and a scam. So, if you wish to appear as one, you need to practice and get very good at telling lots of big lies.

  4. This is one of those fantasies I had as a young man. I thought all kinds of things were possible. Then along came Star Trek and the very first episode I saw was the one with Gary Marshall acquiring psychic abilities,and I thought cool. However I’m a lot older and all of that seems to be really funny,since I’ve never seen any convincing evidence that anyone can move things with their mind. There are a lot of fakes out there,just like the people who claim they can talk to dead people.

  5. I believe that yes it is possible, but highly impracticle. There’s a saying, you can study for decades with the ancient masters and learn to walk on water, or you can walk a few meters down river and use the bridge. There are so few occasions when psychokinesis would be more practicle that just picking something up with your hand.
    If you’re interested in learning about psychokinesis these sites give info on it and various other related abilities:

  6. I think it is real ive seen it differently i was seeing five minutes of a t.v. Show one year befor it came out and every think was exactly the same. Ive also moved the t.v. Remote down the hall to my hand.

  7. Well im not sure. In an illusionist’s world, it is always fake, although it is great entertaintment. In the scientific world, it is also fake. Movement of an object need propulsion or touch (i.e. kicking, pushing, pulling) but eliminating those boundaries which tell you what can be done, and what can’t, it is true. So many people think it’s fake because they tried direct psychokinesis, without any training. First you must be able to meditate and hold concetration for a long time (i suggest ten-fifteen minutes) , and try to move light things first, not heavy chairs or anything. Pens or paper would be recommended. Most of the time, it runs within the family. So i only say this: “practice, practice practice” to the believers, and to the skeptics, well… “it is only real if you believe it.”
    P.s. in these modern techno world, seeing is NOT believing. All those wonderful videos might and most likely will be edited.

  8. im an 11 year old i wanted it but all these magician and con artists make youvery skeptical about these things so i ask my self to believe or not to believe that is the question


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