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Is psychic the same as medium?

I apologize if my question seems ignorant but I really am curious.
My friends took me to Lilydale a while back just for the fun of it. For those who are not familiar with Lilydale, it’s a small all-mediums community in NY. I didn’t know anything about this place until they took me there.
Anyway, we went to see a medium and from what I understand, she received messages or news from people who had already passed away. I found this interesting since out of the 4 of us, I was the only one who was fortunate enough to have all my friends & family (at least the ones I was closed to & liked) still living. However, I did have a couple of distant family members whom I had only spoken to once or twice who passed away.
The Medium gave me a few future preditions, which I didn’t take seriously (after all, none of it has been proven right). But I am curious as to what a Medium really does. Can they really receive messages from spirits/people who had died?


  1. Wether they can really contact the dead, I dont think so.
    psychic – knows what your thinking/could predict the lottery numbers.
    medium – contacts the dead and “tells you your future”.

  2. I agree with most of the answer above, but I will add mediums contact the dead AND spirit guides…
    And I have been to mediums. The genuine ones have been startlingly accurate.
    Are they talking to the dead? I couldn’t say, but the things they claimed my dad and grandfather said sounded exactly like the things they would have said…

  3. No, mediums are not the same as psychics. Mediums are channels between those on earth and those in spirit. We do not tell the future or know the lotto numbers. We do not talk with the dead, the dead are buried. We interpret spirit communication in a way that is, hopefully, meaningful to the recipient.
    Merry Christmas


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