Is psychic power a God's gift? If so, why can't I ask for their help?

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O.k. I have never believed in psychic power. But after my boyfriend committed suicide three months ago. As desperate as I get, I have to try everything at least once. So I went on several psychic reading. Surprisingly, all of them have been incredibly accurate.
All the psychics told me God’s work is real, and God will help me heal.
I have been told psychics power is God’s gift. If that is the case, why have I also been told I shouldn’t ask psychic help to contact the dead because it is an unforgiven sin.
I am very confused.
So is psychic power the God’s gift or what?

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Red Head Angel

Absolutely not – more like the work of demonic spirits


charlatans preyed on your emotional vulnerabilty to make money.


I understabd your grief—and so does God. But don’t be misled; this is not the way you should go. Why do I say this? One reason is because much of what passes for psychic activity is actually fraudulent (as study after study has shown). In other words, you would only be wasting your money, and ending up with an experience that had no reality behind it. You would constantly be looking for something greater – but never finding it.
But the other reason I urge you not to go down this path is because it could bring you under the influence of spiritual powers that are hostile to God, and that would turn you away from Him. This is why the Bible commands us not to have anything to do with occult powers: “Let no one be found among you who … is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead” (Deuteronomy 18:10-11).
Instead I urge you to open your heart and life to Christ, and to find your hope and comfort in Him. He alone offers us the hope of eternal life, for He alone has conquered sin and death and hell by His resurrection from the dead. God loves you, and if your b/f could speak to you right now, he would urge you to give your life to Christ without delay.


They were right about one thing. God is real and He can heal you.
However, no one has to be psychic to know that. They just have to know what a person wants to hear. Happily what you needed to hear, this time, happens to be true.
No, God does not give people psychic abilities so they can have others call them up and charge them for advice.
God does give people, who believe in His son, spiritual discernment, so that they can hear from Him to do what He would have them do, not for their glory, but for His alone.
I am sorry about your boyfriend. Jesus can heal your broken heart. Please do not waste your time, and money, on these charlatans.


Psychics are psychotic, not psychic.


What is God. What do they mean by God.?
In the preface of the bible it says the word God is translated from the word Tetragrammaton. Google it if it your bible does not have a preface.
Tetra means 4 and “grammadon” has a root word of grammar. This was thought to mean Yahweh but if you dig deeper. It also means grav, or in today’s terminology, gravity.
By that definition God = ‘The structure of a tetrahedron creating a gravitational effect.”
Which is depicted geometrically as the tree of life and the flower of life. It is a geometric shape that emits sound (the word of god) that has gravity.
The only thing that fits that description is the Sun. The Celtic pagan word for Christ is the Sun messiah. And the native American and other Shamanic based cultures sing YHWH to their creators, Father Sun and Mother Earth. There is a plethora of symbology in Christianity with Sun imagery.
So why do people still instist on God being a giant invisible sky fairy when it tells you what God is in his name in the bible itself.
The word of man is evil not the Sun light.
Practicing Shaman… qunatum physics rocks.

Idalis E

Well from what I read in The Bible psychic powers are not a gift from God. No one is suppose to know the future. If they say they do it’s demonic.

polly for prez

not gods gift


A lot of Christians or Catholics don’t understand psychics or Clairvoyants so they pass it off to evil. I grew up Catholic then turned my own way, but now I believe that something so wonderful and jovial (like helping someone speak to a deceased love one) can’t come from in evil place, right?
Like in the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do what ye will.” If it doesn’t hurt anybody, go ahead and do it! I’m not trying to tell you to become Pagan or anything of the sort, just that do what you believe is right.
And by the way I’m so sorry about your loss. I too have lost someone to suicide and I know how badly it can hurt. I wish you all the blessings in the world through this hard time.
Blessed be.


Psssh. You’ll never be good at meditating or anything dealing with energy if you are christian. You are afraid you will do something bad, and it is holding you back

Jeff M

psychic power is of the devil.Period! They have told you generic stuff, knowing your situation, Been there, done that, thousands of $ worth. It’s a rip off. Don’t walk, run from it. Now that you have “been there”, you most definitely need to find a biblical deliverance ministry. When you were at your reading, you “legally” gave the devil right to “oppress” you. The only way to break free of that connection is to go and be “delivered’ from it. the devils ONLY job on earth is to ” steal, kill, and destroy”. Deal with this before things happen, now, or latter in life.The spiritual realm is very real. read Ephesians 6:10-20, to gain some understanding. Read, and study your Bible. It’s your “human” owners manuel, so you won’t be fooled by such nonsense again! Also, pray, pray for protection, and guidance as to where God would like you to see help!


It is not God’s gift. It comes from Satan.
God tells us that when we die we are dead. We do not come back as ghosts or spirits as the psychic would have you believe.
Would it not be a cruel joke if God allowed us to come back as ghosts or spirits? Any psychic I have ever heard tells you only what you want to hear. If your loved one could talk to you through a psychic wouldn’t they want to tell you important things that you would need to know?

Spreading Good News!

Here is some wonderful information on God’s view of what psychics do.
Demons mislead people by encouraging them to inquire of the dead. People grieving over the death of a loved one are often deceived by wrong ideas about those who have died. A spirit medium may give special information or may speak in a voice that seems to be that of a dead person. As a result, many people become convinced that the dead are really alive and that contacting them will help the living to endure their grief. But any such “comfort” is really false as well as dangerous. Why? Because the demons can imitate the voice of a dead person and give a spirit medium information about the one who died. (1 Samuel 28:3-19) Moreover, as we learned in Chapter 6, the dead have ceased to exist. (Psalm 115:17) So “anyone who inquires of the dead” has been misled by wicked spirits and is acting contrary to the will of God. (Deuteronomy 18:10, 11; Isaiah 8:19) Therefore, be careful to reject this dangerous bait used by the demons.
13 Wicked spirits not only mislead people but also frighten them. Today, Satan and his demons know that they have only “a short period of time” left before they are put out of action, and they are now more vicious than ever. (Revelation 12:12, 17) Even so, thousands of people who once lived in daily dread of such wicked spirits have been able to break free.
5 What happens at death is no mystery to Jehovah, the Creator of the brain. He knows the truth, and in his Word, the Bible, he explains the condition of the dead. Its clear teaching is this: When a person dies, he ceases to exist. Death is the opposite of life. The dead do not see or hear or think. Not even one part of us survives the death of the body. We do not possess an immortal soul or spirit.
6 After Solomon observed that the living know that they will die, he wrote: “As for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.” He then enlarged on that basic truth by saying that the dead can neither love nor hate and that “there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in [the grave].” (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10) Similarly, Psalm 146:4 says that when a man dies, “his thoughts do perish.” We are mortal and do not survive the death of our body. The life we enjoy is like the flame of a candle. When the flame is put out, it does not go anywhere. It is simply gone.
7 Jesus Christ spoke about the condition of the dead. He did so with regard to Lazarus, a man whom he knew well and who had died. Jesus told his disciples: “Lazarus our friend has gone to rest.” The disciples thought that Jesus meant that Lazarus was resting in sleep, recovering from an illness. They were wrong. Jesus explained: “Lazarus has died.” (John 11:11-14) Notice that Jesus compared death to rest and sleep. Lazarus was neither in heaven nor in a burning hell. He was not meeting angels or ancestors. Lazarus was not being reborn as another human. He was at rest in death, as though in a deep sleep without dreams. Other scriptures also compare death to sleep. For example, when the disciple Stephen was stoned to death, the Bible says that he “fell asleep.” (Acts 7:60) Similarly, the apostle Paul wrote about some in his day who had “fallen asleep” in death.–1Â Corinthians 15:6.
8 Was it God’s original purpose for people to die? Not at all! Jehovah made man to live forever on earth. As we learned earlier in this book, God placed the first human couple in a delightful paradise. He blessed them with perfect health. Jehovah wanted only good for them. Does any loving parent want his children to suffer the pain of old age and death? Of course not! Jehovah loved his children and wanted them to enjoy endless happiness on earth. Concerning humans, the Bible says: “Time indefinite [Jehovah] has put in their heart.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11) God created us with the desire to live forever. And he has opened the way for that desire to be fulfilled.
9 Why, then, do humans die? To find the answer, we must consider what happened when there was only one man and one woman on earth. The Bible explains: “Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to one’s sight and good for food.” (Genesis 2:9) However, there was one restriction. Jehovah told Adam: “From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.” (Genesis 2:16, 17) This command was not difficult to obey. There were many other trees from which Adam and Eve could eat. But they now received a special opportunity to show their gratitude to the One who had given them everything, including perfect life. Their obedience would also show that they respected the authority of their heavenly Father and that they wanted his loving direction.
10 Sadly, the first human couple chose to disobey Jehovah. Speaking through


Firstly, sorry about your loss.
There are no psychic powers, that is for TV. Nor is it a gift from God. Psychic ability is natural, stronger in some than in others & in all its needs dedication to development. It is part of our own spiritual selves.
Religion has done a lot of harm to psychic work, which is a shame. Religion is not God made – it is man made & can often seek to control. Way, way back no mere mortal was allowed to haear the word of God or spirit, as informed by the church!


A lot of Christians or Catholics don’t understand psychics or Clairvoyants so they pass it off to evil. I grew up Catholic then turned my own way, but now I believe that something so wonderful and jovial (like helping someone speak to a deceased love one) can’t come from in evil place, right?
Like in the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do what ye will.” If it doesn’t hurt anybody, go ahead and do it! I’m not trying to tell you to become Pagan or anything of the sort, just that do what you believe is right.
And by the way I’m so sorry about your loss. I too have lost someone to suicide and I know how badly it can hurt. I wish you all the blessings in the world through this hard time.
Blessed be.

Adam Scurry

Psychic gifts are like the same as the prophetic ministry in the bible. Religious people fear the spirit realm because they don’t think God can speak to them. The truth is that psychic gifts are given by the holy spirit to bring light and love to the earth. I am a former pastor and I been doing ministry over 15 years. God has given me encounters of the other realm since I was five. I can tell you the psychic realm is holy. The church always hated the prophets and they will always. The same people killred jesus. I encourage anyone with the gift to use it with the holy spirits wisdom.


Do all things out of love, that is the mystery that should be common sense – Any true ability that is not common comes out of love.


If no one is supposed to know the future why did God have people interpid dreams of what was going to take place – to get the kings of the past to co-operate? Why would God have mosses place plegues in people to make the pharoh release his people. Why did he have mosses use what we would consider witch craft today, I love God very much! have my whole life!!! And I have asked for guidence from God and His Godly amgels and I have been given dreams during meditation, wihich i always pray before hand and have had some conformation of an event, I have had my computer by itself pop up a page with the same info as my dream, now a medium is saying in a letter everything that God has revealed, I have asked for help understanding because its hard to inturpit me dream. Now I read medums are religious and are God fearing, so I am starting to believe that God is the one that helps them to help us. But, I don’t want to offened God. people say it was the people in the past their errogence and control that put things in the bible to control us. I just know that I love God and I want a relationship with him. God is good never Evil, It says in the bible evil spirits cringe and run in the name of Jesus, So If I pray that the mediums is Godly and rebuke bad spirits in the name of Jesus and she still is there, She is of God?


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