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Is pregnancy and birth allot easier the second time and 3rd time etc?

I have heard over the years midwives and doctors saying women who are having their second child find birth easier and shorter.
The second time for me was 50x s worse than having my first child 1st time was drug free second time i was drugged up to the eye balls.
What are your experiences of birth the second and third time around did it get easier?


  1. i think this is urban ledgend every pregnancy is as different as the babys born and every mothers has a different pain level

  2. my first was 37 hours long i had demerol, and an epidural. My second was 12 hours to be exact, no drugs and i was readyto go home 2 hours later although they wouldnt let us. chope my third is even faster.

  3. Your doctor must be right. But there are exceptions like yours and in the case of my wife. It depends on your age, the elasticity of your womb, the physical preparation of your body, your stamina level and other health conditions etc;

  4. I definitely believe that it is easier the second time around especially for me as I knew what to expect. I was a lot more relaxed as well as informed about what was happening to my body as well as child birth. My labour for the second one was only 4 and a half hours long whereas I was in labour for 11 hours with my first!

  5. I had my son at home…took 1hr 25 start to finish. I was so quick I ended up delivering him myself. I had no problems with either pregnancy but it doesn’t mean anything. Things can always go wrong, but thats the risk we take and the end product is always worth it.

  6. 1st time… a little rough… 12 hrs + painful no drugs and had stiches -boy
    2nd time FAST 4 hrs labor no drugs. no stiches -girl
    3rd time fast too 3 1/2 hrs labor no drugs no stiches- boy
    4th time induced w/ pitocin [leg circulation clot issue] epidural , nice ride no complications. easy time- baby just slid ou one push -boy
    5th time. chose to have epidural nice ride again no complications baby cam all by self one half push – girl
    I’m done.

  7. I don’t know if you’re pregnant or not. Congratulations if you are. If you’re considering another child, having had one already, I’d say go for it!
    I have 4 kids and the pregnancies and birth did not get easier. What did get easier was looking after a brand new baby. My third baby was so easy because my other 2 were 4 and 2 years old and could amuse themselves while I cuddled my newborn all day. My fourth has been the easiest so far. She hardly ever cries, sleeps through the night, poos once a week – she’s great.
    So, no the preg and birth does not get easier but the looking after of another child does and that’s what’s going to last for the rest of your life!

  8. My first child was induced. So basically I went from no pain, to severe and was only a 5 hour labour. She was also 3 weeks late. My 2nd child was 3 weeks early, my labour was 22 hours and 21 minutes long and all my labour was in my back and excruciating.
    With my first I was drugged to the eye balls, with my second it wasn’t until the last 15 minutes that I finally said I needed something, and the only available to me at this point was laughing gas. They also said because she was a premmie, that she didn’t have the strength to help with her own birth. So, the used forceps on her, which ripped me from stem to stern.
    Those who say 2nd and 3rd children are easier, I find they probably lied. lol. My mother has 3 of us, and she said the only easy child she had was the eldest of the family.

  9. trust me every birth is different i nearly died with my first and second child. My last baby nearly died he had his cord wrapped around his neck twice and he was crowning for 5 Min’s i had doctors specialists all trying to get this baby out. it was a miracle he survived then i had a hemorrhage. So i think 3 children is enough espically labour. Thats without my problems pregnancies. Anyway i wish you look i’ll stop moaning now.

  10. No, my second one did not get easier and in fact it was much,much longer than the first. I am pregnant with my third and with any luck it will be a little easier but I doubt it.

  11. My first child was a girl,it went on forever I was in Labour for two days I thought she’d never be born,it was hard going.
    My second child was a boy another two days in labour but he was born quicker than his sister.
    Went eight years then had another son at home
    the labour wasnt bad but the birth was hard.

  12. All of my experiences were different (4 in total). I think the only thing which gets better with time, is your expectations. Once you begin to recognise the stages and in particular the intensity of contractions which build up before the delivery, you can at least anticipate that the end is drawing closer.
    I also found that I was more confident in telling the “specialists” what I wanted and expected by the time I had my third child. They don’t always know better.

  13. I’m not sure about birth… but I am 32 weeks into my second pregnancy and it has been no pony ride…
    With my first son i had gestational diabetes and chronic UTI’s during the later part of my pregnancy because my son was so large and I was so small.. And even with those issues… that pregnancy was so much easier than this one.. It has just been one complication after another this time around..
    But I suppose complicated or not.. it will all be worth it when this is said and done.. ;o)

  14. Well i am on my second pregnancy now (34weeks) and this time it has been a breeze (touch wood so far so good). They do say the labour is usually shorter but my first labour was only 5hours long. Prior to that i did have another baby who was adopted 13 years earlier and that was horrendous….i had an epidural which didnt work, i had two pessaries to induce me and i also had entinox and pethidine. The last labour i had was with my son and it was drug free which people tell me was the reason it was so quick.

  15. I think that it does get easier as you have more because your body has been through the process before and knows what to do. It’s not that I’am saying it is less painful, because that is not the case at all. It is pretty much the same pain factor, but you know how to cope with it. My first child(daughter), I was in labor in total of 7 hours, from start to finish. With my second(son), 4 hours in total. I did the exact same as what I did with them both, such as walk like crazy down the hospital corridor’s during contractions.( at a slow leisurely pace with husband rubbing my back , but always walking) Only pausing for the painful bits then walking straight away after contractions. With both I did not take any drugs what so ever.NONE! I figured if the the women 500 years ago could do without then I surely can also. Plus it is better for the baby also. Well it got easier for me, the pain was the same OUCH! but worth every minute. Take Care : )

  16. well, my daughter’s labor was long. The pregnancy wasn’t all that fun considering I was only 17 when I had her. I was lucky to, physically, feel okay through it all. I had an epitural as well during childbirth. Now, I am married and my husband and I are expecting our first child together and physically, its been a pain in ass! It was a very hot summer, which didn’t help with morning sickness andmy blood sugar was really low in the begining. Finally, I am begining to feel a lot better at 25 weeks!

  17. It is not always easier. The actual pregnancy I felt was easier because I knew what to expect and my body seemed to know the rules. I have been told I was lucky because I never had to go through labor pains but they were wrong I had to have Cesarean delivery and believe me you hurt like hell after, just like labor pains. I had my babies in France so maybe they have an easier way now in the States.

  18. With my first I had gas & air, diamorphine and ended up with internal and external stitches. It was still sore 3 wks later! I was in labour for 13 1/2 hours ( which isn’t bad for a first). I was 10 days over and in hospital for 2 nights. With my second ( 14 months later!) I only had gas & air, had no stitches and wasn’t really sore afterwards. I was in labour for 2 1/2 hours, in hospital for 1 hour before he was born and home that night. I don’t think the second could have went any better than it did, but I’m not going to push my luck!! lol!

  19. My first took 22 hours, 2nd 5 hours, 3rd 6 hours, 4th 15 minutes and the fifth took 1 1/2 hours and they all hurt like *****! Yes we did have a television, I was just very fertile so an operation had to be done, That worked!

  20. both of my pregnancies had to be induced, which takes time to get started but when it does labour is fast forwarded and the contractions are more intense (apparently).
    with my first, no drugs but had to get the registrar to supervise the stitches due to the length of the tear (7lb, 4oz).
    with my second, i was left in the ward until the babys head was engaged and i was 4cm dilated. was told the baby was going to be out within the hour….2 hours later i was in agony and still no sign of the baby.
    was left alone for 45 minutes prior to her being born during this time i told my partner that i thought something was wrong and he made sure things started to move.
    when the midwife decided to do a proper examination it turned out my baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and by this time had actually stopped breathing. it took the crash team 3 minutes to get her breathing and turn her blue body into a screaming little bundle (8lb 9oz – no stitches!).
    all the while the midwife thought i was over reacting and told my partner that i would need a ceasarean as i was not pushing hard enough.
    so, for me the first time was hell of a lot easier. although i would love another, the second birth scared me whatless. i was amazed at how bad maternity care really is where i live.
    my mate actually paid for a private midwife, which i thought was crazy, however, if i ever fell pregnant again i would beg borrow and steal to get the money to pay for the care that we, as women, quite rightly deserve.
    in terms of duration, it is meant to be quicker each time a baby is delivered – i can’t confirm that!

  21. personally my second childs birth was so much easier, the 1st was a long drugged very painful labour that went on for 24 hours, the second was drug free and only lasted 30mins.


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