Home Discussion Forum Is practicing telekinesis/telepathy against God's law?

Is practicing telekinesis/telepathy against God's law?

I’m just curious…


  1. Depends. They say witches aren’t supposed to exist, yet for some reason prophets get a pass. If you can prove you are from their god, then I guess they won’t burn you at the stake.

  2. There is a law that says “you shall not allow a witch to live” . Jesus said that we could say to that mountain ” be thou cast into the sea” But didn’t expound on what would happen if we did it. Those powers you’re thinking about are for healing and casting out Demons. Don’t get in trouble

  3. No, it’s against the laws of nature and physics and is therefore simply not possible. You are however welcome to try as much as you want. I think the expression is “knock yourself out”.


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