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Is practiceing chi techniques for self defense and healing with kuji-in against the bible?

Is that stuff a sin? If so then christianity is so unfair -.- Theres nothing wrong with diciplin,healing,meditation,chakra control, or martial arts as long as its not witch craft. What religion is it allowed in if i choose a different one? Is it allowed in celtic?


  1. Why don’t you just stop having a religion and start doing what you want? Seriously you sound like.. well you know where this is going. I mean come on…

  2. You should choose your faith because it makes sense to you and you believe it,not because it permits you to practise martial arts.
    Can’t see how Christianity could be against anything you are doing, but I am sure some bible belt fundie will find a way. Anything beyond their ken is naturally evil

  3. One of the reasons I left the church for good was because they didn’t understand Tai Chi or QiGong beyond labeling it as superstition and witchcraft. I base many of my beliefs now on the teachings of Chinese Tai Chi masters, and a little bit of Buddha for flavor. Never been happier or healthier in my life.

  4. Celtic Christianity is not significantly different than mainstream Christianity and i don’t really get the attraction as opposed to, say, the Roman Catholic or Anglican churches.
    When i finally summoned up the courage to raise the Kundalini, i began to experience an overwhelming urge to repent and commit to Christ. I’d really like to discuss this with other Christians but i’ve never done so. I probably should.

  5. The martial arts originated in Hinduism as a form of yoga and then developed in Buddhist temples across Asia. I suggest you choose one of the Eastern religions to truly appreciate the incredible physical, mental and spiritual strength they represent.

  6. You can take martial arts for self-defense and you can go through the rigorous training as well. The meditation is what you should be cautious of. Some religions believe that if you keep your mind at a standstill that demons can enter your soul…hey, I didn’t make it up, that’s what some think…not all!! And, if anything you do takes away from what is suppose to belong to God, then they feel that should be avoided as well. If you live your life balanced that should not be a problem. Please God instead of people, and you may find that you have less restrictions.

  7. “What religion is it allowed in if i choose a different one?”
    I think buddism allow it.
    In fact they allow alot of things


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