Is peace of mind possible in the midst of chaos?

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We all hear of these spiritual masters describing the peace they feel in their lives and during meditation. This philosophy goes head to head with the chaos of the modern day american lifestyle. Do you think that these spiritual masters could retain the peace they describe during a major crisis? Whenever I hear them talk, I wonder if they are dealing with true life problems. Is their child dying of cancer? Have they ever lost their spouse of 30 years to a car accident? Are they on the verge of being kicked out on the streets? Is peace of mind actually possible during the worst of lifes conditions?

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Most people like that live life in solitude. They do have those problems….but they know that mourning will not make it go away. So, they continue with their lifestyle. If you can accept things than you can do the same….Everyone lives…but everything living dies.

pat z

But getting to it and maintaining it aren’t easy.
That’s why these people are spiritual MASTERS (or mistresses).

Caractacus Demetrius P

I believe it’s possible.All you need is to look at the good things in life not the bad. And yes, tragic things do happen but theres little you can do to prevent that. so whats the use of lingering in the past.

I Meditate

This is a really good point.
Now I’m wondering too. Of course I know many spiritual people often starve themselves to show they can overcome even the strongest of physical pains. And they are able to survive many days without complaining about hunger.
So I think what’s really being asked here is if emotion pains from crisis in life today hurt as much or more than physical pains.
Of course peace of mind is established by completely clearing one’s mind. During this period the mind is not distracted by any outside influence. If this can be accomplished (which is very hard to do), than even extreme bitter emotions can be ignored in this mental state. So, at least you can take some time to have peace in your mind. Now if someone can achieve peace in a chaotic emotional state remains to be questioned. Personally, I’d have to say it would be extremely hard, however possible for certain people such as these ‘masters’.


the reason that these spiritual masters retain such peace is not because nothing “bad” ever happens to them… they just have the wisdom to handle it better than the average person. and yes peace is still possible in the midst of chaos. I have interviewed somebody from a popular concentration camp in the past. His words told me that despite the agony he found peace and peace he shared with everyone suffering with him. you wouldn’t believe how much human compassion can stretch in times of atrocity.


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