Home Discussion Forum Is Palin into the occult and witchcraft?

Is Palin into the occult and witchcraft?

I heard a radio program allude to this. What is the low down?


  1. probably is, as she attended a church that actually thought that when the world ends, people were going to be begging to go to Alaska and that Alaska was going to be their safe haven….

  2. lol….um….
    Well, she is a uber conservative Christian…so no, but she also believes that witches can posess you and cause you to do bad things. So, her pastor layed hands upon her and demanded that the witches be gone from her…..they believe in demons, witches, posession….all that FUN stuff. She also believes that we are in the end times and that, during the tribulation, Christians will head for Alaska to join up in ‘joels army’ to defeat satan. That Alaska is a refuge during the tribulation. Google: Ed Kalnins and “Master’s Commission” . That’s Sarah’s pastor and the ‘leadership program’ that is offered by their church.

  3. She went to that church, for years, that does that freaky speaking- in -tongues thing.
    Let me try it, ‘ bleebly doolbully la la muba huba weebles’

  4. No.
    She attended a service at her church where a guest pastor from Kenya gave a blessing to the congregation to ward off the evils of witchcraft, a belief widely held in Africa.
    If that means Palin is into the occult and witchcraft, then by the same logic, Obama believes AIDS is a white man’s conspiracy against the black man and that America brought 9/11 onto itself.

  5. I’m not sure that Palin is, but I have no doubt about McCain. Anybody who would pick her as running mate has serious problems; he obviously thinks he is Henry Higgins.

  6. I guess she wants to keep her options open so wudn’t let anything come in her way of victory lol taking help of all the witches I suppose.


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