Home Discussion Forum Is paganism devil worship and are all witchcraft practitioners pagan?

Is paganism devil worship and are all witchcraft practitioners pagan?

I am a witchcraft practitioner and i was wondering if it was like devil worship or paganism. I am NOT a devil worshiper. I am christian but would just like to know the truth as to why everyone says witchcraft is evil. Also, is paganism devil worship?



  2. I have no idea why so many people believe Paganism is devil worship because it is not true.
    People believe witchcraft is devil worship because those people think that the witchcraft is people trying to get the power of God. Most people involved in witchcraft do not see it that way. It depends on how you look at it.
    As a Christian, you are not supposed to do things only God is supposed to have the power to do. For example, creating new life (why cloning is bad).

  3. how can you worship something that you don’t believe in?
    pagans don’t believe in the christian satan.
    do what you think is right, even if you are ridiculed for it. follow your heart, my dear. don’t listen to the chattering of other people.

  4. Paganism is an umbrella term that encompasses many many religions.
    Satanism is Satanism, not Paganism.
    And there are different types of Satanism as well. Very few actually worship Satan. The rest are about self-empowerment and such.
    The only people that claim Paganism is of the Devil are some of the Monotheists.

  5. When the people who invented christianity got togethor, they needed someone to pick on. They were called Pagans.

  6. Paganism isn’t devil worship.
    Even Satanism isn’t devil worship.
    People say it’s evil because the Bible said so. Did you know that before Christianity was popular lots of people thought Christians ate babies? I’m not kidding. It’s pretty sad what people will say to make the other smaller.
    Paganism and Satanism are really interesting to read into btw. I’m not saying you have to follow them, but their philosophies can be really beautiful.

  7. You couldn’t be a devil worshiper because the Devil is make believe.
    Satan Worship is nothing more than Self-glorification without the church.
    Paganism preexisted all other forms of religion and varied widely from place to place… basically nature gods and elementals.

  8. No. Paganism worships nature but the early Christians demonized it and spread rumor that they worshiped the devil.

  9. You don’t sound like you’re too schooled on witchcraft if you don’t know what it is, or where it comes from.
    Neither paganism or witchcraft is satan related. Only satanists work with satan (and even some of them don’t). Yes, there are some Christian witches, but not very many, considering the bible condemns it. Paganism is an umbrella term used to describe any non-abrahamic faith. So anything but islam, judaism, and christianity is pagan. Simple as that.

  10. Paganism is an umbrella term under which a lot of religions fall. Pagans are not Satanic, they’re just not Christian. Majority of Pagans don’t believe in Satan, it is a Christian concept. They usually believe in pre-Christian deities or are involved in nature-centered spirituality.
    Witchcraft is a practice… many Witches consider themselves Pagan, as Pagan religions don’t see anything wrong with Witchcraft. But there are Christian Witches, even atheist Witches as well.
    You don’t have to be a Pagan to be a Witch. And you don’t have to practice Witchcraft if you’re Pagan.

  11. To your first question: No, Paganism is in no way devil worship. Paganism is an umbrella term for many religions that are Earth and nature based. If they believe in deity, most Pagans worship old nature gods or gods of a specific pantheon, like the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. Paganism includes Wiccans, Asatruar, Hellenics, and many other re-constructionalist or nature-based paths. For the most part, Pagans don’t even believe in the devil. You can’t worship something in which you don’t believe.
    To your second question: Again, no. Witches are not all Pagans. Witchcraft is a craft, and is not affiliated with any religion. Witch comes from the Anglo-Saxon word wicce which means wise one, so witchcraft is the craft of the wise. Whether you want to practice witchcraft while being Christian or not is up to you. I guess it would depend on your interpretation of the Bible and whether or not you believe that God gives power to witches or not.
    To the third question: First, not everyone says witchcraft is evil, just fundamental Bible thumpers. They say that it’s evil because of a mistranslation in the Bible that should say “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live” but actually says witch instead of poisoner. King James wanted his translation of the Bible to more openly condemn witchcraft, and since his is the most common translation of the Bible, people take it too literally. Witchcraft isn’t evil; it’s simply the practice of directing your energies to influence the world. A spell is just a form of prayer. I hope that helps.
    Venus Bless.


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