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Is P-shifting possible?

Physical shapeshifting for non shaman practicioners. Is it actually possible to physically transform, and please no scientific mumbojumbo, this requires a spiritual ability, non explicable by science.


  1. If a culture believes that shape shifters exist, then they do.
    You ask for no scientific mumbojombo, but I must point out that to date a complex life form has not been observed shape shifting.
    It’s all about belief systems and physics.

  2. I would guess that an opinion is already formed
    I would also imagine that adopting some sorts of ‘world-view’
    would allow for a great number of things to “be possible”
    at some point, communication of ideas would become
    problematic … I don’t know

  3. It is possible. If you believe you can do it, you can. Start with trying to P-Shift your eye color, then try more. Though, if you try to P-Shift something without even practicing, you will die. As I said, start with eyes, then hair, then teeth, and so on in that spacific order.

  4. Yes. Like Kiba said, if you believe you can, then it is possible. Remember that physically shape shifting is one of the oldest human beliefs worldwide, not just Europe/America. If you look enough, you can find that practically no culture is totally devoid of shape shifting folklore, even the “advanced” societies such as Ancient Egypt and the Middle American people.

  5. Science hasn’t been able to observe this event taking place but if someone did they would have a better understanding as to what was going on through time and study. P shifting is a thing that can occur but its easy for people to disregard it for various reasons but people can’t let their emotions or ignorance change the truth in the end. If it happens and exists it does, nothing is impossible until proven to be and science doesn’t disprove this event, science has never seen or observed this event. This even however has been noted to take place in other worlds as normal from people who recall or remember their past lives. It’s not impossible when people have done it at all so it makes it so.


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