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Is P-shifting possible?

Physical shapeshifting for non shaman practicioners. Is it actually possible to physically transform, and please no scientific mumbojumbo, this requires a spiritual ability, non explicable by science.


  • Yes. Like Kiba said, if you believe you can, then it is possible. Remember that physically shape shifting is one of the oldest human beliefs worldwide, not just Europe/America. If you look enough, you can find that practically no culture is totally devoid of shape shifting folklore, even the “advanced” societies such as Ancient Egypt and the Middle American people.

  • It is possible. If you believe you can do it, you can. Start with trying to P-Shift your eye color, then try more. Though, if you try to P-Shift something without even practicing, you will die. As I said, start with eyes, then hair, then teeth, and so on in that spacific order.

  • I would guess that an opinion is already formed

    I would also imagine that adopting some sorts of ‘world-view’
    would allow for a great number of things to “be possible”

    at some point, communication of ideas would become
    problematic … I don’t know

  • If a culture believes that shape shifters exist, then they do.

    You ask for no scientific mumbojombo, but I must point out that to date a complex life form has not been observed shape shifting.

    It’s all about belief systems and physics.

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