Perhaps some undiscovered force that could be measured at some point.
If our spirit/body energy contains awareness, could it work that way?


  • More than likely both. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Science describes the mechanisms but doesn’t make the concept of spirituality obsolete.

  • The super ego is just a freudian category. I don’t put a lot of stock in Freud.

    However, some people with utlize the biblical categories Body-Soul-Spirit and synthesis them with Freud, so you get Super God= Spirit, Ego =Soul and the Id= our lower nature, or what the Bible calls the “Flesh” (which is based in the body.)

  • There is no evidence for a Ghost in the Machine, so I’m going to go with complex chemicals.

  • I think it’s exactly that… theists think their super-ego is god, atheists and others think their super-ego is merely their conscience

  • Well, lessee.
    It’s either complex chemical reactions in the brain
    mystical voodoo magic given to us by unicorns and fairies.


  • It’s partially due to the inborn survival instinct. Not sure if that’s chemical but it certainly isnt spiritual. Babies dont have a superego, you develop it when you get to the age of about 2/3 (it varies depending on the level of cognitive development). It develops when you internalise the morals of the authority figures around you, such as your parents.

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