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Is our consciousness conning us into paying no heed to the conundrum of comprehension?

You think, therefore you are??? … What are we in the grand Universal scheme of things, after all?
Misschatea, my dear friend – Try to find in your heart of spirit the path to Forgiveness and Compassion and you shall free yourself from all the riddles of Love and Hate.
g3n1ouz, my dear friend behind the hat and the sunglasses – You are new here, and yet sadly enough already hooked on the meager and hollow offerings of The Commercial Oracle.


  1. Are you kidding me.
    Francis Bacon made it seem easy though, didn’t he.
    Have you ever heard the joke: “Francis Bacon walked into a bar. Bartender said, ‘Want a beer?’ Bacon said, ‘I think not.’ And disappeared.”
    Love that one.

  2. We are luck. A chance and we happened. There is no meaning to life or purpose. We are the results of the Big Bang. Like the Bible says, we are the dust of the earth. The only thing that does seem to play a part in this dark meaning to life is the saying, “That Life is Not Fair” and that is by chance as well. This is my deep answer to your question and I stay away from it. My shallow answer is: we do have a meaning but only will find its true purpose through evolution of time and we all run around acting as if we do have a purpose and can not wait to find it.

  3. That’s good. I think that may be so. The thing is, I don’t think we can comprehend what the next part of all this is. We can understand, but understanding doesn’t mean long strings of coherent words we can read, or say to ourselves. If you think about it, having to understand everything on the level of intellect slows us down. If we realized it’s possible to understand just by allowing ourselves to know, then words would become somewhat obsolete and we would evolve. Our conciousness is what created all this, and it’s what keeps us here. There is a reason, nothing is random, but we can’t comprehend that reason on this level.

  4. So the conundrum I’m in now is , do i take what they said as the truth and do …I am with caution and grace to myself and my family aways trusting with desire to learn and grow.

  5. I don’t believe that comprehension is a conundrum, but perhaps that’s only my consciousness conning me into paying no heed to the conundrum.
    1. You think (assumption)
    2. You are (From 1)
    I believe that #2 is true if #1 is true.
    We are an infinite thread within an fixed expanse.

  6. Ahhh shoot!!
    U got all sorts of good answers here.
    So I won’t get the best.
    I’ll go for the two points tho. What the heck !! 🙂


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