Is old hag syndrome real?

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A few nights ago i was asleep on my stomach and i felt or sensed someone moving around my room then i felt them sit on my back. I tried to move but i couldn’t and the pressure on my back was so Intense that when i was able to move my back was killing me.

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That’s sleep paralysis.


I don’t know; but smelly grouchy old geezer syndrome is real.

☮ Pangel ☮

it is called a syndrome … therefore it is real , in the medical sense
it is a very common symptom of sleep paralysis
during which , we can experience something called hypnagogic state
which is basically like waking dreams
the old hag was one of the most commonly reported
but she then became alien abductions , demons … or whatever type of creature common to your culture

Man in the Iron Mask

Yes it’s called Sleep Paralysis. When you are in REM sleep your body is naturally paralyzed so you don’t act out on your dreams physically and hurt yourself in your sleep. Sleepwalkers have something wrong with their body’s ability to render them immobilized. Anyway, what sometimes happens is that you get startled out of dream and think that you are awake, but you really aren’t. Your somewhere in the middle. You realize you can’t move and the mind interprets that as fear and you actually start to see a malevolent figure because your still half dreaming. The figure could be a monster, demon, or even an alien and usually you dream that it tries to suffocate you by sitting on your chest.


It’s part of sleep paralysis. It’s when you’re halfway between sleeping and waking up, which is why you might feel trapped in your body and can’t move or scream. Some see the old hag and some see aliens. I used to see dark shadows. It was really scary!
Try and sleep on your side instead of your front or back. Or maybe add a pillow under your head. You just gotta try different things to find out what the cause it.


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