Home Discussion Forum is okay to store my tarot cards in a metal box?

is okay to store my tarot cards in a metal box?

i have this cute metal box but im reluctant about storing my tarot cards in it, i would rather have a wooden one but i cant find a cheap one thats nice. i’m going to look at goodwill and ebay has expensive shipping on all their boxes. so, is metal okay and does anyone have any other ideas of where i could get a box?


  1. The fact that you are reluctant gives you your answer. Your tarot cards are personal to you and as such whatever you feel is right for them is right for them 🙂
    In some magical traditions the use of metal is prohibited, in others it is perfectly fine. Some people feel that metal is insulating, some feel it is conductive. If you feel wood is better then go for wood.
    As for where to get them, I’ve found a lot of DIY and hobby shops have some nice wood boxes that you can decorate yourself, or there are always charity shops although you’ll need to cleanse it before use.
    Often people just keep their cards in an embroidered bag. There is a saying that you should keep them wrapped in purple cloth and with a moonstone. Not everyone follows this however.

  2. I don’t mind if you put in the bathroom cabinet. Or the refrigerator. It’s just cards with silly pictures. What’s the big deal?

  3. All mine are stored in their cardboard boxes they came in. It doesn’t really matter unless you think it should matter.

  4. You can store your cards in any container you wish. There are some readers that believe they must be put in a certain type of fabric or certain type of wooden box, but that’s their preference. The wonderful thing about Tarot is there are no rules. There are some well known readers–writers of books–that store their cards in the same boxes they came in or hold them together with a rubberband. It’s all about personal preference when it comes to cards, and as long as you’re comfortable with the way you do Tarot it doesn’t matter what anyone else’s opinion is.

  5. There is nothing wrong with storing your cards in a metal box, it is just as natural as a wood box.
    Being that some metals oxidize with moisture, I suggest that you wrap your cards in something before putting them into the box.
    If you find a wooden box, be careful that it does not have an oil finish or the oil will soak into your cards as well.
    I stay away from finished wooden boxes for this reason.
    I keep all my decks in bags that I make from cotton and silk.
    How you keep your cards is all up to you….just be sure you keep them safe and damage free.

  6. you see how much variety is in the answers here? Don’t let anyone tell you there are absolutes. One of the first things I learned about tarot was that you keep them near you so the pack can be slowly charged with your personal energy. Logically that would be near where you sleep, unless you are a professional couch potato and spend more time with the screen than your bed.
    Heed the warnings about getting your cards wet or damaged otherwise my deck goes from one cheap container to another. Cheap but ones I like

  7. Hello
    I have studied them for over 20 years & just keep one deck in their original box & the other open on my desk. Some in a leather case.
    As long as the place you keep them is clean & dry they will be just fine.


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