Home Discussion Forum Is Obama Antichrist? Read this article and give your thoughts.?

Is Obama Antichrist? Read this article and give your thoughts.?

The Antichrist will offer the most successful project for solving the world crisis from the perspective of political and social wisdom, which would establish a uniform political and social order in the whole world. Exhausted from the shock of war, spiritually blinded humanity will not only by unaware that this project is a cowardly trap, enticing it into the most degrading and merciless slavery, but on the contrary, will recognize it as a manifestation of scholarship and genius.
Universal advertisement about the Antichrist as a brilliant thinker, new leader, and savior of mankind, will thunder over all nations in the shortest possible period of time. “Evil spirits dispersed in the universe, will awaken a general, inflated opinion about the Antichrist in man, a general enthusiasm and an irresistible attraction for him.” (St. Ephraim the Syrian, 16th word.)
In this period of his activity, the Antichrist will not use any force and will try to win men’s trust and affection with his deceitful and hypocritical public mask of virtue. He, according to the expression of Vladimir Soloviev, “will throw a gleaming veil of kindness and truth over the mystery of iniquity.” “He will come,” said St. Ephrem the Syrian, “in an image which will seduce everyone. He will come as a humble, kind, hater of falsehood (as he will say about himself), rejecting idols, preferring piety and kindness, loving the poor, bearing extremely handsome features, constant, sweet to everyone, respecting especially the Jewish nation because they will be awaiting his coming…He will take sly measures to please everyone, will not accept gifts nor speak in anger, will not show an overcast countenance, but will entice the world with a decorous exterior until he is enthroned.” (See previous citation.)
From the great wealth of ascetical experience from our great men of podvig, it is known that when the black devil cannot overcome an ascetic, encountering unswerving opposition from him, a stronger devil comes as an “angel of light” (II Corinthians, XI, 14), attempting to awaken sympathy and trust towards himself in the ascetic, and easily charming him away to destruction. Thus, we can imagine how easily and quickly the bright image of the Antichrist will attract general sympathy towards itself after the filthy devil of Bolshevism.
As a result of such deceit, “the need to invite the Antichrist will arise” within the very temperament of man’s spirit. “A beckoning voice will resound in man’s society, expressing urgent need for a genius of geniuses, who would raise material development and prosperity to the highest degree and establish affluence on earth”. (Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninoff. Vol IV, page 313.)
The hypocrisy of the Antichrist in this period will reach the point that he, even in his relationship to Christians, will not oppose them, but will appear ready to be their benefactor. He will try to imitate Christ in the external, showy side of his life. The majority of Christians, not guided by the spiritual wisdom of the Church, but by worldly wisdom, will not see this deceit, recognizing the Antichrist as Christ who has come to earth a second time. The monks of the Solovetsky monastery pass on the answer given by Righteous Zosima to his disciples when he was asked how the Antichrist could be recognized. Righteous Zosima said, “When you will hear that Christ has appeared on earth, know then that this is the Antichrist.” This answer is most precise. “The world or mankind will not recognize the Antichrist, it will recognize him as Christ, it will proclaim him Christ…..
(“Antichrist”, by Very Reverend Boris Moltchanoff published in 1976, by Archpriest George Grabbe, Department of Foregin Relations Synod of Bishops, New York., pp. 1-4.)
This is an article from an online source. I did not write it and state no opinions on my part. It is just an article I wanted to post and discuss in open forum.
wow to all those “christians” who wished i burned in hell for posting this. How judgemental very unchristian of you. Come on lets keep this disscusion adult and civilized please. Are we capable of this?


  1. The strong consensus of Fundamentalists, who take the whole silly Book of Revelation seriously, is that the Antichrist will emerge from the European Union.

  2. “The Antichrist will offer the most successful project for solving the world crisis”
    Doesn’t that eliminate Obama from contention? I can’t remember a single solution he’s offered for anything.

  3. We are at war with Babylon (Iraq). We have excessive floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, and disease. We have a man one step from the White House by doing nothing and having zero experience. He is loved by the masses and has rock concert turn outs. He is loved by our international enemies as well as our friends.
    You never know….you never know….

  4. I don’t believe in god, but if that’s what is going to take for him to not get elected, I’m willing to believe for awhile.

  5. This is ridiculous. It is just like in Germany when they used to say that the Jews were the cause of their problems… you should know better.


  7. Sigh….as an atheist, I really am sick of all this anti-christ this, anti-christ that, and paranoid end of the world in the year 2000, 6/06/06, or 2012 non-sense….

  8. we need to stop believing in the fear stories that keep us questioning when we are going to end it.
    its in our hands
    why do you still hold on to it.
    why not just try to walk a purposeful life and get over it

  9. I don’t agree, but being an amateur Biblical historian-I know where you are coming from. Many Biblical scholars believe the Apocalypse theory to be a way to teach people of the time when it was written of the dangers that they faced in their lives. Many believe that it is not applicable now.

  10. you never know!!
    i think it might be true. because Obama has zero experience and gets all this good publicity from the media. Everyone loves him! all this “change we can believe in” drivel.
    plus they say the world ends in 4 years….

  11. While its tempting to start to fit him into that role, this line is what proves he is not :
    “a general enthusiasm and an irresistible attraction for him”
    Half of the Democratic population did NOT vote for him – we voted for Hilary. That is hardly irresistable attraction. If he had won by a landslide victory, which he did not, then the description might be a little more apt. Many people are so against voting for him now that they are voting McCain. The general enthusiasm does not exist across the board either – about half of the Democrats in this country do NOT think he is anywhere near experienced enough to be a president yet.

  12. he cannot be the “antichrist”, as you point out “everyone will be seduced”, but obviously that is not the case here, as a matter of fact, there are a lot of people ( like you ) that opose his candidacy.

  13. Your unwarrented hatred of this man has reached BIBLICAL proportions.
    You should be ashamed.
    You most surely will burn in Hell for all of eternity.
    Thou shalt NOT bear false witness.
    Pray for forgiveness for your evil.
    Come on,
    How can you have an “intellegent” discussion on whether or not Obama is the Anti-christ? I mean that’s really reaching.
    What’s next, Is McCain really Santa Claus? Have you ever seen them together?
    And you’re trying to legitimize this drivel as though it were intellectual.
    I kept waiting for the punchline.
    That’s what’s funny.
    You bible thumpers kill me.

  14. why is sen.barack obama the antichrist i really don,t think so i think the american people want obama even though his ties to wright and pflager and tony rezco.

  15. No and this is stupid. If you believe this, I got land to sale you in Florida too. Why do Hillary and McCain supporters keep asking the same old dumb questions over and over again. For the millionth time. HELL NO. HE’S NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST.
    Therefore, the ruler who will come will be of Syrian national origin. Syria, at that time, included some of the territory of present day Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.
    The ruler who will come” is the Antichrist which is confirmed in Daniel 9:27. Daniel identifies the leader who will come this way.
    “He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him”
    Therefore, Daniel also indicates that the Antichrist will come from the Middle East.

  16. I see….So we should reject anyone who says they want to help this country, to help it’s people, to be kind to all, to find common ground, and live in peace because he/she may be the Anti-Christ?
    Somehow I doubt even Jesus would be looked upon favorably with that set of criteria.
    Do you see the flaw in your supposition?

  17. If you actually read Revelations in the Bible you would know a few things. First the Bible CLEARLY states than the anti Christ will have to be from the middle east, he will be embraced by the entire world and bring peace to the middle east. He also has a Profit by his side who can perform great wonders!! And that’s just for starters. So if you actually believe the anti Christ is coming, maybe you should do some better research than listening to priest Lunatic of the church of Insane!!!

  18. Could be but I really doubt Obuma has the brain power to accomplish it ! Obuma is nothing but a con man! Did I spell Obuma wrong ? Oops!

  19. Maybe, but I also think he leans towards the Muslim faith, and this is the main reason why he wants to pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, to spare his insurgent brothers the agony of defeat at the hands of US Forces. Remember his mentor is Farrakan, the Muslim that hates whites.
    Obama can tell the voters whatever he wants to, make all the promises that he will do this or he will do that when elected, but if and when he is elected, he doesn’t have to honor any of those promises, not one, and this is according to a ruling by the US Supreme Court regarding politicians that are elected to office.
    So be very careful who you cast your vote for, because once that person is in office, they can do whatever they please.
    The choice is yours to make, don’t waste your vote.

    he might fancy himself – that way- but if that is the best the devil has then it just confirms what a joke he is – both the devil and ob

  21. Written in the bible, an antichrist is someone who doesn’t believe the Messiah (Christ) has come in the flesh. I would guess this is referring to Jesus Christ ministry while on earth & His resurrection after He died on the cross.
    And the antichrist is one who denies the Father & the Son. So denies the Christian foundation. The faithful confession that Jesus is the Christ is the Son of the Living God.
    So, any religion that is after Christ ministry & resurrection that denies the Christian foundation.
    1. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
    2. He was born of a virgin, conceived of the Holy Spirit & is Emanual, meaning ‘God with us’. And also the ‘Seed of the Women’ (born without sin nature) who defeats the curse of sin & death.
    3. He is the Resurrection & the Life. He raised up an everlasting body (flesh & bone), soul & spirit.
    These are the basic foundational truths that antichrist are vehemently against.
    1-3Jn Just read all 7 chapters of 1-3John & it will help you.
    There are also enemies of the cross who deny what Jesus did on the cross is sufficient payment for our sins. That eternal life is a gift of God that Jesus gave His life for. Any cult that calls the work Jesus did on the cross foolishness & can’t save anyone is antichrist.
    I discern antichrist easily with these & they all come from the bible.
    The seed of the woman is prophecied in Genesis3:15.
    I doubt Obama is the antichrist. Since he claims Jesus Christ is his Lord. He claims to be a Christian. But I wonder about that since he thought his predjudice Pastor was a Christian. Anyway, Obama is close to being a born again Christian if he isn’t one yet. So that rules him out as antichrist.
    The antichrist comes on the scene after he who lets is taken away. And that is he who suppresses also. So that is the salt of the earth who prevents the rule of lawlessness. And that when the rapture of the Saints happens, then the antichrist will take authority. Thus the mark of the beast, etc… He will stand in the Jerusalem Temple claiming to be good as God, have no respect for women, he will not honor God except the God of forces (jihad) etc… (Daniel).

  22. This is a horrific political question that brings out the worse in the hearts of some people who have strong political and/or religious feelings. I am not an Obama fan but would never consider him as a Antichrist.

  23. one of my buddies made this point. makes sense, the mayans predicted the end of the world will be december 23, 2012. obama’s term ends just over a week later. he could “build our trust” and turn on us.

  24. I’m not an Obama supporter, but I can tell you that does NOT describe him.
    1, he has not been accepted by everyone, only half of the voters voted for him.
    2, he is not saintly, or Christ-like.
    3, he has not fooled the Jews into accepting him
    4, many Christians oppose him
    5, he may be nice looking, but I would hardly say he was “extremely handsome”
    I could go on & on. Obama may be a fake, but he is just a charismatic & well spoken young con artist/politician & the only ones he has really fooled are the youngsters who like himself, have no past experience. The others are supporting him for their own political reasons & agendas (he is easily manipulated, for one).
    Thanks for the interesting post nevertheless.

  25. You won’t care since you are obviously not a real christian. Using Gods name in vein. Do you know this one. “Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.”Also would be more then happy to have the Antichrist come soon after that Messiah will be here. But before the Messiah returns all the racist, warmongers will be enslave and torture by Lucifer. So repent while it still counts.
    Obama 2008

  26. First let me say this….
    The Anti-christ will come out of Europe, or somewhere in the Middle East.
    Also, Obama hasn’t won everyone over, most of all Christians,
    Obama has not even come close, especially his mixing with the radical pastor and radcial priest.
    There are many more things to take place before the Anti-christ makes himself known, it has already started, but Jesus said the believers in Him will be taken out first before the Anti-christ.

  27. obama does fit allot of the prophecy’s, however I do not believe he fits all. There are way to many people that see him for what he is, (a moron.) I do believe that obama does not have the love for the U.S. that a potential leader should and I believe that if he is elected the U.S. will suffer greatly. I base this belief not on any bias but on my life experience and his speeches, not to mention his friends and wife.

  28. Well you can tell “WHO’S VOTING 4 OBAMA” in here.
    All “HIS FOLLOWERS” of course ready to mask and cover up his TRUE IDENTITY !
    I have always said that he was the ANTICHRIST. And its NOT just me either.There’s something NOT RIGHT, about him. And ALL YOU FOOLS that run around hanging on to his every word ,your the ones that are going to be disappointed should he win this presidency.He’s NOT GOING TO DO A DAMN THING HE CLAIMS HE’S GONNA DO. He doesn’t give a RATS A** about any of us Americans . He plans on spending money to help build schools in Africa.But while he’s doing that what will happen to us AMERICANS? Oh ya, WE WILL BE PAYING HIGHER TAX’S to cover all his projects THAT DON’T concern us.
    Whats sad is that this country can’t have a president that TRUELY is 4 the people. Each one of these FOOLS has an agenda of his own. One wants WAR, that we the little people are going to keep paying 4.The other wants to play humanitarian at our cost. He’s also RACIST AND DISCRIMINATES. But thats o.k. we will let that go. Of course that is unless he were to win and we have the white house being RUN BY NOTHING BUT BLACK ANTI AMERICANS IN THERE!!! We’ll just keep over looking all HIS FAULTS and he’ll keep reminding everyone about “CHANGE”. Maybe he’s referrring to the fact that when he gets through screwing us all over thats all we will have in our pockets is ” CHANGE “.

  29. When being kind and wise makes it evident that one is the Anti-Christ, then all good leaders should be unkind and unwise, (Like Mr Bush.)
    Now, Mr McCain may be the Anti-Christ… have to watch out for that mealy-mouthed silver tonged orator. He has to be a bit too nice and kind to be good.

  30. Those of us who actually read the bible know that any man roaming around down here proclaiming to be Christ is a false profit and a liar. (Matthew 24: 23-27)
    Name a politician who did not use social or political wisdom to try and solve the “worlds problems”. They very rarely look to the Word as anything more than for the use of a good slogan…”God Bless America”, “In God We Trust”. Yet to even mention the name Jesus or God, or try to pray over your food in school is considered offensive and politically incorrect. So you see the “spirit of the antichrist” has always been here, long before Sen Obama was on the scene.
    Instead of looking for the antichrist, keep your focus on the true Christ…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that way you will not be deceived.

  31. I don’t think he is the antichrist, you give him too much credit. He is an opportunistic, ambitious charlatan, who lacks basic education in spite or maybe because he was advanced in school by affirmative action preference. The benefits he got, he really didn’t deserve, since his father just came over from Africa to impregnate his mother. He took all the benefits and he and his hateful wife consider the USA a country with only negative sides.

  32. I don’t know if I really believe Obama is the Antichrist, because I’m not sure there really is one. But according to some of my research if there is one, he could be considered in the running.
    People often try to claim a President or a presidential hopeful is the Anti Christ. The funny thing is, is that the map of our Capitol actually forms a pentagram. They say Washington DC was designed by the Masons. L’ Enfant, the original planner of Washington D.C. was an artistic and highly skilled Luciferic worshiping Mason from France. The Us Capitol Building is actually Documented Lot # 666 Although not visible to the naked eye, if you look at a map and draw a line from building to building you will see a pentagram, with the White House the southern most tip of the Goathead.
    The New World Order Plan to stage the appearance of Antichrist. If you look at the back of a dollar bill, you will find various pagan symbols. The All-seeing-Eye, the pyramid, and the words ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ means ‘New World Order’. So therefore it says ‘Announcing the birth of the New World Order’.
    The Antichrist is supposed to be a man, who will uproot all that oppose him in a rise for absolute power, this man will be of great authority, a charismatic speaker who mesmerizes masses of followers. They will fix upon him for an ideal. The first seal in Revelation 6:2 is the “white horse,” which represents false peace. The white horse rider, who conquers and gains control by peace tactics.
    There are those who believe this is an important time, because all three major candidates were found coded in the bible by name, as either President, not President, or Assassination, by their name. Many of these sites believe Clinton has something to do with welcoming in the Antichrist. She just backed Obama.
    People expect the Anti-Christ to be a world leader who will offer false peace, i.e. the white horse in Revelation. Obama offers false hope. His followers have been described almost as a cult, sheepel who worship him. Nostradamus calls him the dark prince; Obama is dark. Satan was left handed, Obama is left handed.


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