Home Discussion Forum is nyc's new year's crystal ball really THAT incredible?

is nyc's new year's crystal ball really THAT incredible?

i live in las vegas, and i hardly believe that watching a crystal ball descend for 10 seconds really beats watching millions of dollars worth of fire works go off all at the same time. plus, the new year’s parties here are unbelievable


  1. What makes the Times Square Ney Years incredible is not the ball dropping but 1,000,000 people all standing and cheering in the same place. Its the people that make it unique. We have fireworks too New Years Eve as well, I assume lots of cities do. I wish I could invite you and everyone reading this to my roof on 4th of July so you could see fireworks going off in every direction around the city, its very cool

  2. The ball in itself is no big deal…just the camraderie of a million strangers together in peace cheering and screaming in the New Year.

  3. Oh, you are inviting us? All of us? Thank you!
    See you soon. Gotta catch The Happy Sands Express, meet me at the airport. 5 pm !! OK ? Don’t forget, now !!


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