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Is Nihilism the byproduct of Zen?

It seems to me that many Zen amateurs nowadays, after some “high-level” study of Zen teachings, tend to fall into Nihilism by saying that there’s no Buddha, no Enlightenment, no this, no that, etc.
And I noticed this is quite prevalent among westerners.


  1. modern people tend to sport such big egos that it is almost impossible for them to remove their “I” from any thought.

  2. Its a fad.
    Whens the last time somebody “Put a shrimp on the Bar’bey” ?
    It will go away just as it did after the Beatles broke up.

  3. The Heart Sutra says that there is no cognition , and no attainment with nothing to attain. This is what the Zen practitioners are referring to. When your mind is completely still, free from all thought, able to go any place with no hindrance, this is primary point. The Buddha taught all dharmas to teach all minds. But if you do not keep any of these minds, what use is there for the dharmas? All you have to do is go straight, dont-KNOW. Save all beings from suffering moment to moment, and you are already with Buddha.


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