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Is negative energy true?

I have a friend who never wants to do anything. Just sits there and is jealous about everyting and everyone. I love to go out, meet new people and try fun activities. Whenever I tell her about some activities I do, something terrible happesn! I didn’t believe in this, but it seems to be true. I have just bought a sling chair that I love. So I take it to the beach or to the park to sit and relax. She said that I do whatever I want and so on. It’s not true, I don’t have a car and it’s really difficult to go wherever I want but I’m just not as
lazy as she is.
Anyway, today, after having a supernice time at the beach I got a terrible neck pain!!
Does it exist? Evil eye or negative energy??


  1. negative energy absolutely exists though is more a negative attitude rubbing off than anything else, it causes stress, stress causes aches and pains.

  2. I used to believe in the evil eye but not anymore
    But i really hate the jealous type and that is enough of a reason to distance your self from her…you will realize after 10 years you will evolve into a whole new person and she will be just the same

  3. No, it’s not true, it’s nonsense BUT your “‘friend” sounds like a miserable bitch. End this so-called “friendship” before the stress makes you sick.

  4. well, if positive energy exists, then so does negative
    a magnet is attracted to positive and pushed by negative so they must exist
    as for the energy in ‘spiritual’ terms that you seem to mean, i beleive in that yes
    but is it true, i have no idea, its just a beleif that i THINK is true
    the law of attraction, whic is what you seem to be talking about, is soemthing some people beleive others dont, so its relaly a choice based on what you experience and bleeive about spirituality
    and yes, i do believethat you can attract and repel negative energy like this, so yes, i think her negativity could be affecting you


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