Is my Pokemon Diamond team good? What should I work on?

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Roserade lv. 52
-Petal Dance
-Worry Seed
Infernape lv 51
-Close Combat
-Mach Punch
-Fire Spin
-Flame Wheel
Gyarados lv. 53
-Ice Fang
-Hydro Pump
Alakazam lv. 56
-Future Sight
Lucario lv. 54
-Dragon Pulse
-Close Combat
-Aura Sphere
Blissey lv. 51
-Healing Wish
-Sweet Kiss
-Egg Bomb

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sweeet man


well you should try to get a turtrea or some ting like that it is realy good i bet the game with it


get a life

Kevin - Avs on decline. I think.

Pretty good. Make sure a Pokemon doesn`t have two moves of the same type though.
9.2 – 10


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What further proof do these ppl need? the evidence is clear, talk about moving the goalposts!!! silly.

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