Is my plate of egg and chips Enlightened?

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Andrew C

well my bacon sarnie’s well stuck in the dark ages, so yes, probably


Its taken a vow of silence and does nothing but contemplate the universe all day, so maybe.

mick the milko

No – just lightly fried ! ! !


If the human behind the plate of chips and egg is enlightened , as it looks from your statement , the chances are that these , too, are enlightened. . The reason I am saying this is because when water is added to milk water takes the colour and property of the milk itself. It merges with the milk.
So, the eggs and the chip , having merged with an enlightened eater should have become enlightened themselves.
Go ahead and finish them.

Robert L

How about the piece of cod that passes all understanding?


Only if you add tomato sauce…

John G

Depends on how much thought has gone into it.


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