Is my house haunted by a succubus? What can happen to me if this is true?





First of all I’m a guy who wants to find out what happens when paranormal phenomena occur. And I want serious answers.
I tried to summon a succubus one night. I made a circle of salt on the floor and I started to concentrate. I think I managed to summon the succubus, because I could feel it’s presence (or maybe it was only autosuggestion) . Anyway I tried to make it physical and I didn’t succeed.
The point is I gave up and went to sleep because it was late. But that night I couldn’t sleep at all.
So my question is: was that insomnia caused by the succubus or by another reason? And also how can I get rid of a succubus if there truly is one in my house? And what can happen if I don’t get rid of it?
Thank you!
Is it possible that I have summoned by mistake a *REAL* demon, no a succubus?
I have a real girlfriend. I summoned that succubus just for scientific reasons. I thought that summoning a demon would be too dangerous, so I summoned a succubus.


  1. Well, I’m not really sure if succubi really haunt anywhere, but the insomnia could really be caused by almost anything, and belief is a powerful thing. Either ways, a succubus, as you probably already know, is a type of demon who, according to mediaeval philosophy seduced men in their sleep and ‘slept’ with them. They supposedly live off of energy they take, and were thought to cause exhaustion, unconsciousness or death from the energy they stole. According to Malleus Maleficarum, the succubus would also steal semen from you and give it to their male inccubi counterparts, who would impregnate women with it and, according to myths, they would give birth to humans with supernatural powers or such.
    From what I’ve seen, to get rid of a demon, you need to mark out the entrances and doors and other windows and such into your house, and walk around each of them saying something like ‘In the name of , I command and expel from my house and presence.’ Although, you must completely believe in whatever deity, and you cannot want to have the demon remain AT ALL, including finding more about it first or anything. You must rid your mind of the want to do it again for this, and again, you must completely believe in the deity or God as your authority.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Why would you want to summon something like that? If you’re having problems, you brought them on yourself.
    Being haunted be something evil doesn’t feel good.

  3. If you go on line and type in the search bar,how to summon a succubus,it will show you a site to do this in ten steps, then go on line and type in the search bar,how to get rid of a succubus,it will also show you a site with a lot of info on this. It does sound like you summoned something, go to the sites and read up on this,hope this helps you out.

  4. insomnia is caused by things like worry, stress, anger, caffeine or other substances, changes in sleep schedules, or external disturbances (ie construction).
    Many people confuse their lack of tiredness for insomnia, because we are told we need 8+ hours of sleep a day. So people worry if they aren’t tired enough to sleep that much. However, how much sleep you need depends entirely on the individual. Some people barely ever sleep, look up Jack Karouac. The key is, if you simply aren’t tired, your better off getting up and doing things until you are tired than laying awake in bed trying to force sleep.
    If you are tired and can’t sleep and can’t figure out why, then you might want to check with a doctor. You might have a sleeping disorder.
    Anyway, its my understanding that if succubus were real, they would be real demons, and they would prefer you to be asleep, not awake, as thats how they take advantage of people. However, the legend of the succubus is actually based on a hallucinatory state of semi-consciousness known as sleep paralysis.

  5. I doubt you can be haunted by them.
    And if you’re the type to believe in this crap, or even just on the fence why the HELL would you try something like that?
    If you thought it was bull crap at least you could’ve hoped to be protected by ‘the veil of skepticism’
    I doubt they’d keep you awake, you would’ve been exhausted were it real. Insomnia was probably caused by paranoia.

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