Is my friend a reincarnation of Hitler if he wants to exterminate all Koreans in this city I live in?

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I live in Canada…and there are a lot of Asians…in the city I live there are a lot of Koreans…more and more he says…and I feel like he’s spiteful because they are taking most of the jobs…I really feel like his hate is genuine and I’m scared for him.

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crispy critter

you’re scared FOR him? i’d be scared OF him.


Yes he is probly white supremist like hitler. it IS scary and stupid considering hitler had Jewish forebears, I think he (hitler)was an idiot!!!!


The fact that you are scared for him and not of him shows you are a compassionate and truly loyal friend.
As for being a reincarnation of Hitler? Hate and prejudice have and will exist for a good long while, but perhaps with careful treatment can be overcome.


Your friend needs help! He’s fucking crazy!!!!! You should tell someone like an adult he needs help. to be friends with a nutcase like that doesn’t make you look any better.


i don’t believe in reincarnation and i doubt he’s the reincarnation of hitler but he is probably a white extremist or at least prejudiced against asians, based on what you say. i think you should try to get help for him or at least talk to him on a regular basis about why his thinking is wrong and try to adjust his thinking.


Well if Your friend is a gifted orator, a talented politician, and ruthless basterd, and head of a socialist and fascist political party then i would worry about it otherwise then he’s just a racist moron, which are quite common in every corner of the world since forever.


You need to cut his balls before he reproduces, FAST!!


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