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Is my African girlfriend doing magic spells on me?

am a white guy, 25 years old and I have been dating an African woman who is 27 years old for a few months. I know she is a refugee from Sudan, she has been here two years and I know things were very bad over there because of the wars. She doesn’t like talking about the past, she saw some very bad things. She is very sweet and very affectionate and seems to like me a lot. One thing she does though kind of weirds me out a little.
Twice since we have been together, I got sick. It was no big deal. I had a bad cold and then about a week ago I got some stomach flu and I was throwing up. My GF acts WEIRD when I am sick. She looks worried to death, paces around the house, covers all the mirrors with cloth (why? I dunno) burns twigs and leaves in a bowl, lights candles and basically waits on me hand and foot. She will spoon-feed me like a baby, wash me and do everything for me and not let me move until I feel better. It’s nice that she is so attentive but seriously, what is up with this?
Is this a culture thing? Is she doing some “magic” ritual? Is this what women are “supposed” to do when a man is sick in her country? Or could it just be the fact that she saw people starve and die of things like malaria when she was in Africa and she is worried about me? Can someone explain what all this means? I don’t mind being treated like a king when I am sick I just want to know WHY? Does anyone know about the culture of Sudan and why she might act this way? I already tried to ask her why but her English is not very good and all she can say is “You must get well.” and she doesn’t seem to think this is weird at all and she won’t explain why she does this. Can someone EXPLAIN this to me?
I HAVE asked her and she won’t answer other than saying “I don’t know how to say in English.” or “Please don’t worry, just rest. I make you better.” or something like this….


  1. Covering mirrors is just a superstition, it’s supposed to protect you, the rest sounds like it’s just her praying for you to get better (unless those “twigs and leaves” are medicinal, you didn’t say what they were so IDK).
    Dude, she just cares about you, and she’s trying to help you. Stop freaking and enjoy it.

  2. She sounds fantastic why complain? Make a marriage proposal or why not be straightforward and ask her yourself is she doing magic?

  3. some countries believe in witch doctors. White witch doctors are the good ones. black witch doctors are the evil ones. Haiti for example believes in voodoo. As for your girlfriend those are the rituals that she grew up with and they do not appears to be evil so enjoy being pampered.

  4. I’m a 21 year old Sudanese girl born in Kenya. My dad is Sudanese and my mom is Ugandan. Yes Sudan was hell. Bombs, gunshots you name it. Lived in both Kenya and Sudan until I was six, then I moved here. I saw some pretty bad stuff too as a kid. I almost died a few times too. I hated it there. I never want to visit. When my dad is sick yes my mom takes care but not that extreme.I’m Christian. My dad is a pastor but we know witches are present in many African countries. People who deny it haven’t experienced it and can’t really comment unless it’s happened to them personally or their family members. I can understand why you would be afraid. I’m afraid myself, even though I’ve lived in America most of my life. I know I’m safe here but I worry anyway. I’m scared to visit Africa. I’ve heard witches can kill you just by your shadow these days and it’s true they can. Only few of many people I knew who went to visit their families have returned. We find out some have been poisoned or cursed by a witch in their village. If a witch envies you and wants something that you have, she’ll do anything in her power to kill you. My mother told me when she was a little girl, she watched her mother die because a witch had poisoned her. They tried to find the witch but they couldn’t. A week later her father died from poison too. My grandparents had a huge garden full of crops that they would sell for money. Supposedly this witch was poor and envied them. My grandparents shared their crops with her. They didn’t know she was a witch. She was very nice to them giving them cigars she made, in return for the food they gave her. Well guess what, the cigars were poisoned! She poisoned the cigars and killed them. The same witch also possessed a dog to attack specifically my mother’s older brother. They spotted him running for his life, screaming for help and behind and him was a very very violent looking dog chasing him. It had foam all over it’s mouth, it’s teeth were out, it was growling and barking out of control, They tried to hide the boy but the dog busted through and came after him worse. People threw rocks at it, they tried to scare it away with fire to distract it, they tried to make the dog come after them, they even tried to beat with sticks but all it wanted was that boy. That dog was definitely possessed. That’s the scariest story I’ve ever heard. Eventually they shot it dead and sadly her brother didn’t make it. He died from losing too much blood from bite wounds he got. They went after the witch who was responsible for many deaths in her village. Apparently she had confessed she possessed the dog. I don’t know what happened to her but I think they told me she was arrested and killed. My aunt who is married to my mother’s younger brother is also involved in witchcraft, Many people have spotted her performing acts in the village before she came to the United States. She denies it but my sisters and I have seen her grinding, burning and mixing twigs and leaves in a bowl a few months ago. We asked her what she was doing but she wouldn’t answer. My dad blesses our house as often as he can. The weird thing is that she’s been to our house so many times before but then all of a sudden, she’ll call and say she’s lost. My mom says she notices that whenever the house is blessed, she has a hard time finding it. Isn’t that scary? She said it’s like God is trying to keep her away from us. She’s Muslim she’s not suppose to go to church but when she does for a friends wedding or something, her head bleeds! Yes bleeds as in blood coming out of her scalp. The congregation and the priests will be in shock and be terrified of her. Another woman who is her friend also gets lost coming to our house and bleeds from the head when she enters a church. More than once. That is just freaking weird. I moved away from these psychos. I live in CA now. I couldn’t take the weirdness anymore. If your suspicious about your gf being involved, I don’t blame you. The whole mixing twig leaf mixing thing doesn’t sound good. That’s what my aunt was doing and when we asked her what she was up to–she didn’t respond. I don’t know if she’s trying to protect you from somebody that’s after the both of you who is envious. or she’s the witch herself. I’m scared o death now. Go to church and pray. I beg you. These people exist. Just go. I never use to believe in this stuff. I thought people were crazy until that whole blood thing at church happening more than once. That just changed my life and the way I look at my aunt forever. Be suspicious. That’s weird! She’s behaving weird!

  5. Well I live in UK and my current girlfriend is African.
    She behaves in a way that you might consider strange. She’ll pour water over the threshold before leaving the house. She’ll smash eggs on the road after praying on them. She prays to fruit before eating it and her Uncle back home is a fortune teller. She’s really happy if I throw coins onto the highway and smash eggs too, which I do. I have seen bowls of water with stuff in there which she has paid fortunes for her uncle to fedex all the way to the UK for her…
    I love her so if she believes in certain things/superstitions then that’s ok….
    I mean I salute the odd magpie and avoid walking underneath ladders. Also my work schedule from a certain client for a huge organisation always omit item No 13 ….
    The point is if you love her then marry her because she clearly cares about you.

  6. She is not doing any whichcraft or spells to hurt you, she is just doing it to protect you out of your illness.
    Had it been she is doing it since before you were sick that could be something else.

  7. I live in South Africa and know that african rituals or curses are done remotely if they want be to get people to return or even revenge for something.
    The possibility is very good and she knows very well who is doing this. More than likely a lost love somewhere and they would not hurt her but rather get rid of the person at her side.
    Her dedication is a sign of knowing and some guilt.
    I suggest you approach her about it asking who is responsible for this and watch her reaction carefully.
    Love means honesty and I hope that it prevails.


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