Is Mind Protector's effect worth the LP loss in yugioh?

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[Psychic/ Effect]
This card’s controller must pay 500 Life Points during each of their Standby Phases. If they cannot, destroy this card. Monsters with 2000 or less ATK cannot declare an attack, except for Psychic-Type monsters.

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It’s good as a stall card to bring out your stronger monsters if you can keep your opponent from summoning their monsters, not much else.

Yusei Fudo7

If you are making a Psychic deck, it would be a yes because it has powerful defense and only Psychic monsters can attack which can let Psychic monsters swarm the opponent easily.
Try these tips for Mind Protector:
* Use in conjunction with Gora Turtle to make it the perfect defense.
* Use this together with Messenger of Peace, so that the only monsters that can attack are Psychic-Type monsters with 1500 ATK or less.
* Combine with Burden of the Mighty for extra protection.
* In a Psychic Deck try to give control of this card to your opponent with cards like Creature Swap or Psychic Jumper. You get the advantageous effect of the card and make your opponent pay Life Points.


if can of course you dun flip it then u do not loss your lp . but it is usefull in against some card that can atk player directly. you loss 500 point is much less than too magician girl direct atk


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