HomeDiscussion Forumis mental telepathy scientifically proven?

is mental telepathy scientifically proven?

is mental telepathy possible?


  1. Not scientifically proven, not even scientifically adressed (I eman that no one has shown an occurence of a telepathic event that was not shown as being trickery)
    Telepathy, ibn its usual description of direct brain to brain communication between two people without intervening artificial means, most likely does not exist at all.

  2. Is it possible? Yes.
    Is it proven? Not that I’ve heard.
    Do I believe in it? I’ve had some ‘strange’ coincidents that I can only explain by telepathy, and I’m one of the biggest skeptic I know.
    True story: I was driving over to “Vick’s” house and was passed by a motorcycle. I commented to my wife that a motorcycle was going to be Vick’s next ‘toy’. When we got there, his new motorcycle was sitting in his driveway. We had never discussed a motorcycle with Vick and he had just bought it that day.

  3. not scientiffically, but there are some people who do have special abilities. i can sometimes predict the future in my sleep. no kidding, on my families’ graves. i even saw my own gravestone, freaky.


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