Home Discussion Forum Is mental telepathy really possible?

Is mental telepathy really possible?

Is it really possible to talk with someone by using their minds?


  1. Yes. My sister can read my mind.
    Scrap that. My sister is my mind.
    We dream the same dreams and we can tell what the other is thinking without saying anything.
    We also find the same things funny, gross and scary. We will turn to look at each other at the same times and complete each others questions.
    We are as one mind…

  2. My mother and I did an experiment when I was about 13. I laid on the bed in her bedroom and she took a bath. We sent and received mental images to each other….it was amazing!
    We had just watched an episode of Donahue and thought we would try it out.
    I definately believe we have the capability of using our brains in this way – we just have to practice and know how to do it.

  3. Hmmm, do radios work? Right now you have every station on your local radio passing through your brain, yet you can’t hear the music.
    Why? Because you aren’t equiped with a receiver. I believe there are those of us who share a similar “frequency” with others and thus are “tuned to their station”. The human brain runs on electrical signals and I believ that these can be transmitted over vast distances on the quantum level.
    A reason we are not thus equiped may be that nature knows what a disaster this would be, so it has not allowed our minds to develop this capability. Those that can “read minds” may actually be genetic “mistakes”.
    Can you imagine if you could read the thoughts of everyone? We would go mad. Thank God we have our mouths as a filter for our thoughts. I am a very conservative person, yet even I have had some pretty crazy things pass through my mind that I would NEVER act upon. What if someone could read my thoughts at that moment?
    No society would collapse.


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