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Is meditation the answer or just a trick the mind comes up with to relax us?

I’ve read book after book on religion,zen,tao, you name it. I always walk away feeling great but then I come back to reality. I want to believe in God or elightenment or some higher power but it is hard. I know about faith, Iknow about ego, I know I know I know. But I always question everything in the end. What do you think?


  1. I think you should look inside yourself and not for something external. Also, don’t look for answers, because answers alone aren’t very useful. Instead look for meaning and purpose.

  2. Nobody can answer that for you. If meditation isn’t working for you, don’t do it. Only you can define what enlightenment is and decide how to attain it. I personally think it’s a great way to relax but I don’t do yoga or meditate for spiritual enlightenment. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

  3. I don’t know why these are exclusive for you.
    Meditation as a relaxation tool is not mystic-magic. It’s just a good tool, with good outcomes.

  4. Questioning is good! It’s much better than state of ‘satisfied and don’t search for the truth anymore.’
    You need meditation not just to relax, but you need to silence your ego to see the truth. Imagine a cup of water, has diamonds and dirt all mixed up, and it is swirled all the time. You’ll never see the diamonds!!! You need to set the cup still for some time, then you need to “look” into it, to see the diamonds (as well as how much dirt you have 😉
    You said you know your ego, do you think you really understood it? Since ego empowered you to be born on this earth, it keep you alive, and will force you to born again. If you really understand why your ego act and behave like that, you are already enlightened. However, if you are enlightened, endless love and appreciation will flow from you all the time, either you meditate, walk, eat, or even slip.
    Next time you meditate, think about what troubled you, try to pinpoint one factor, and tell me what was it. You can email me at anna2free@yahoo.com

  5. why would you care if it’s a trick or not if it relaxes you? i thought that the point of meditation was to relax.
    Weather it’s a trick or not it serves it’s perpose doesn’t it? So what’s the question?


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