Home Discussion Forum Is Marijuana a capable tool for meditation?

Is Marijuana a capable tool for meditation?

Is Marijuana a capable tool for introspection and/or meditation? This is of course assuming that the user isn’t an addict to the drug or abusing it.
Furthermore would the conclusion it leads to be able to be identified as valid or mere drug induced delusions?
If yes or no does it differ in the use of all or any drugs into arriving at subjective truths?
Are any aids such as relaxing music, binaural beats, or even incense not valid as tools as well?


  1. Meditation– No, you’re supposed to be able to get a trance state without assistance, any conclusion derived from a drug-assisted meditation would be fleeting, and likely completely wrong.
    Besides, it’s a mark of weakness–to require such an aid.

  2. I suppose it depends on what’s the aim of the meditation.
    I personally wouldn’t use it if I’m trying to resolve a problem.

  3. Yes, but just like alcohol it needs to be done in moderation.
    Music or innocents can help the mood. Personally if you are going to do it I think you should always remember that it is a drug and so you shouldn’t take it TOO seriously. It’s mostly for fun. Just like alcohol.

  4. This is really not a valid R & S section question. this leans more to political – social issues. God is to be worshipped in both, spirit and truth 24/7 not with street drugs.

  5. marijuana “helps” ppl with their problems stress etc. because it helps you forget y u were upset in the first place its like a carefree drug thats y i like it…

  6. The Bible calls any substance that alters your state of mind “Pharmekia.” It opens the mind as a portal for demonic activity.
    In other words, it makes it easy for evil spirits to enter.

  7. Absolutely capable assuming you are not referring to transcendental meditation. If the conclusion stands firm after you have munched out, then it is valid. Cannabis is one of the few plants indigenous to all climates and has been used in rituals throughout the world for ages. It is also very useful for anger management, depression and many other things. Marijuana addiction is a lie perpetrated by government officials funding their own interests. The Bible states that all herbs were created for the benefit of mankind. What do you think was burned in the temples?God bless.

  8. most people, when learning to meditate rely on something (even an imaginary “point”) to focus on . . . things that release endorphins make that type of focus very difficult, and that would work against you.
    Leary tried it with hallucinogen’s but eventually realized that there is a difference between “realization” and meditation. The goal of meditation is not to “discover” subjective truths, but to realize them . . . .
    the easiest way to begin is to focus merely on one’s breathing.


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