Home Discussion Forum Is manifestation of energy between your hands through meditation and focus possible?

Is manifestation of energy between your hands through meditation and focus possible?


  1. Could you offer more detail on what you mean by “energy”? That word has been commandeered in paranormal circles to describe so many different paranormal ideas that it has lost its meaning. I can only speak to its physical meanings, which scientifically is the only kind of energies that are known to exist. We can talk of electromagnetic energy (radiation), electric energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, chemical energy. We have no reason, scientifically speaking, to think that concentration itself can alter any of these kinds of energies occurring either in your hands or between them.
    However, in a spiritual context, anything may be considered possible so I suppose the answer then would depend on who you ask.

  2. I believe you can build up a degree or two of heat energy between your hands. Usually when they talk about forming balls of energy between your hands, they are talking about either some metaphysical plasma, or chi energy. Neither is possible. Chi is an abstract chinese concept (chi, jing, and sheng energies) which I am pretty sure has gotten lost in translation years ago.

  3. Rub your hands together. Then bring them together and apart several times. You will feel something. Is it paranormal? I don’t think so.

  4. You mean like those energy balls that lots of new agers think they can create and then play with? Only in their own mind, but no one else can see them, and I’m not just taking their word that they exist. Show me the proof!

  5. Same way in a sense if you consider meditation and focus to astral travel…One can use Chakras, centers of energy located between the base of the spinal column and top of head. To healers or others who can see or feel the chakras, they are vortices or funnels of energy. They serve as a place of interconnection between the body and spirit.
    Healers their fingertips exclude amazing amounts of vibrant energy, full of life energy. Healers have a lot of heat in their hands, which is thought to come from this life energy as well.
    Getting in touch with this life force is important to healing, as well as to developing intuitive abilities. And the key to connecting to the life force is meditation. It helps develop psychic awareness, and helps tap into their healing potential. So the answer is yes it can be done through meditation.


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