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Is making a straight edge CM Punk heel sort of a subliminal PG-14 message to the to the older crowd?

Just think if WWE is suppost to be PG, then wouldn’t you think they would make someone tobacco, alcohol, and drug free a good ro-model for some kids? Since they try to make him look like a jerk, they are obviously heading toward a drunk older parent crowd that are just going to boo him since he is a “drug free non-alcoholic”


  1. Thank you! It does’t make any sense to me either. How can the villian of a family-friendly show be someone who promotes a clean lifestyle? That is one of the big problems of the PG Era in my opinion. You cant have a kids show and send them mixed messages.

  2. In my opinion the wwe sends many mixed messages to kids. Not just the CM Punk deal, which is so backwards, but they also show them that you can hit people over the head with chairs and other objects without making them bleed or anything. To me that would make a kid think they could do something like that without really hurting someone. That is also the wrong message.

  3. The fact that WWE is PG is a joke, in the first place.
    Randy and his handcuffs and singapore cane is more adult than anything TNA has shown all year. WWE is exactly the same in terms of violence as TNA, the only difference, the TNA guys swear a bit more. That’s the only reason TNA isn’t PG as well.
    I lol at the “TNA is so much more hardcore and awesome than WWE” rednecks.

  4. I was confused with this whole thing.
    I just think that as one guy said TNA is nearly jsut as pg.
    All TNA is talk about they steal WWE stars and how bad WWE is. If it was so bad how could they be such a successful show?
    Anyway the CM Punk thing stuns me but i’m lovin him as a heel i didn’t like him as a face really


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